Transformers Review – Nitro Bumblebee (DOTM Deluxe)

            I have to say, I am getting sick and tired with the movie-verse Bumblebee. There’s just too much emphasis on him. I can understand why there’s so much fanfare on the guy due to his movie exposure, but the sheer overabundance quantity of Bumblebee figures out there is just ridiculous! In fact, the same can also be said for their Optimus Prime figures. Just go to any stores, and chances are that you’re gonna find stacks of unsold Deluxe-class Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.
            For those who look to buying these figures as an investment to be sold in the future, this may not be a good scenario. In fact, I doubt that any of these figures will fetch any value in the future.
            I for one had contemplated on ignoring any DOTM Bumblebee released, but this Tesco had a special clearance sale a few weeks ago, I thought I might just give Nitro Bumblebee (as he is named on the packaging) a benefit of doubt.
            One thing about the DOTM Deluxe-class figures is that they marked a significant increase of price compared to their previous ROTF predecessors vs. smaller physical size.
            Money-milking again? Hmm…
            At least, Nitro Bumblebee came cheap due to clearance and it looks significantly different from his ROTF figure, so at least he’s worth a shot.
Alternate Mode:
            Staying true to DOTM’s theme, Nitro Bumblebee transforms into a buffed up Camaro with two huge exhausts at the back. Compared to his predecessors, this Bumblebee is significantly smaller, and thus lighter. 
            He has five Mech Tech ports: one on top of the hood, two at the back (on the sides) and two more on the roof. 
            If you thought the kibbles were bad on the previous incarnations of Movie Bumblebees, you ain’t seen nothing yet, they are much worse here.
From left: DOTM Nitro Bumblebee, ROTF Bumblebee, 2007 Movie Bumblebee (2008 Camaro), 2007 Movie Bumblebee (1974 Camaro)
            The car ain’t that bad, but you really can’t help it but feeling a bit shortchanged due to the lack of size and heft.

Robot Mode:
            Comparatively, I think this Deluxe-class Movie Bumblebee is pretty much the worst movie-based Bumblebee I ever had. 
            The figure is literally several step backs from the awesome 2007 TF Movie Deluxe-class Bumblebee (2008 Camaro) and also the ROTF Deluxe-class Bumblebee figures, previously reviewed. 
            This Bumblebee looks plain and boring. 
            Articulation-wise, this figure is pretty bad: head rotates 360°; shoulders are on ball joints; the arms rotate and bend at the elbows; no wrists and waist joints; ball-jointed hips; double-jointed knees; and finally, limited ankles movement. 
            You can’t help it but to think that something went wrong with this figure.
From left: 2007 Movie Bumblebee (1974 Camaro), 2007 Movie Bumblebee (2008 Camaro), ROTF Bumblebee, DOTM Nitro Bumblebee
I’m really surprised how the quality defers so much between this Bumblebee and his two other predecessors. I can’t really say that I do recommend this figure, but it would probably suit the taste of some other fans.

            Final verdict: 6/10.

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  1. should get HFTD Bumblebee. The best BB deluxe class ever! Trust me.