Transformers Review – Bumblebee (ROTF Deluxe)

            I think this has been said for so many times before, but I am going to say this again, as of now, Bumblebee has now put his mark as one of the most famous Autobots after Optimus Prime, and even that statement is highly debatable.
            To be honest with you, I think too much emphasis have been put needlessly onto Bumblebee. There are just too many Bumblebee-based products out there, ranging from action figures, toys, plush toys, to bags, slippers, costumes and even masks! Heck, I think there’s probably more Bumblebee-based products out there that Optimus Prime-based.
            In the ROTF line alone, Bumblebee figures ranges from small Scouts-class figures to Ultimate-class. For me, one Bumblebee is enough, and so I went for the Deluxe version for the sake of comparing with my previous movie line Bumblebee.
           For most ROTF figures, although they look generally the same compared to their 2007 movie line counterpart, HasTak actually designed them to be way better figures with a lot of improvements in terms of how both modes should look, better movie-accuracy and smoother transformation.
            So without further ado, let’s get it on…
Alternate Mode:
            There’s really not much to say about this mode that hasn’t already been said, since he is basically the same figure as the previously reviewed 2007 Movie Bumblebee (2008 Camaro). The only differences between this alternate mode and the latter are the lack of battle damages, as well as brighter and richer set of yellow paints. 
            The kibbles generally remain the same. 
            Beautiful alternate mode.
From left: DOTM Nitro Bumblebee, ROTF Bumblebee, 2007 Movie Bumblebee (2008 Camaro), 2007 Movie Bumblebee (1974 Camaro)
Robot Mode:
            Just like the alternate mode, ROTF Deluxe Bumblebee is generally the same figure as the 2007 Movie Deluxe Bumblebee, previously reviewed, so it is really pointless for me to review the same things again.
            But there are slight differences that I will delve into. First, the skeleton of the body is now a lighter shade of grey, rather than total black. This time around, Bumblebee is armed with a real blaster instead.
            While that may sound good, HasTak in my opinion actually took a step back with this figure, which is ashamed really. The gun is now a part of the main body, although it is detachable, which means Bumblebee only has one hand to work with now. 
            The bullet is a little bit too long to be fitted into the slot within the arm, which sometime causes the entire gun assembly to drop off. So you might wanna shorten it up for better pose-ability. 
From left: 2007 Movie Bumblebee (1974 Camaro), 2007 Movie Bumblebee (2008 Camaro), ROTF Bumblebee, DOTM Nitro Bumblebee
            Also, the head sculpt is different from before, giving him a more screen-accurate head sculpt.
            Those flaws aside, this is actually a very good figure.

            I dare say, the previous 2007 Movie Deluxe Bumblebee is still the figure, all things considered. It’s ashamed really that HasTak took a step back from in terms of the gun designs.
            Still the head sculpt is brilliant.
Recommended, but I still pick the 2007 Movie Deluxe Bumblebee (2008 Camaro) as the better Bumblebee.

            Final verdict: 9/10.

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