Transformers Review –Rodimus Prime (Kabaya)

            Rodimus Prime – one of the all time favorite figures from the original series. Just in case that you didn’t know, Rodimus Prime was the successor to the then deceased Optimus (*GASP*! Yes, he died before…) after the events of the original 1986 animated movie.
            Based on the box, you may realize that it actually feature only Hot Rod. So, you may already be asking, why the shout out on Rodimus Prime? Just so you know, this Kabaya Hot Rod is actually based on the previously released Masterpiece Rodimus Prime figure. It means that the Hot Rod figure, may transform into Rodimus Prime as well, but with a little bit of twist – you have to collect the entire Wave 4 Kabaya Gum Transformers. 
            But first, let’s take a look at Rodimus Prime.

Alternate Mode (Hot Rod):
            As you may have known, Hot Rod transforms into a slick futuristic sports car. The tiny fella is pretty much accurate to the Masterpiece version – or at least, it is distinguishable.
            The underside of the car may not be that appealing, especially when you can actually make out his head underneath there.
            So pretty bad kibble down there.

Robot Mode (Hot Rod):
            One words sums up the robot mode – TINY!!!
            My number one complaint of this figure is the humongous gap within his chest. You can clearly see the huge gaping hole once you move the arms. Also, based on the instructions, Hot Rod doesn’t wields any weapons in this mode. 
            Articulation-wise: head & shoulders turn; the legs can swing outward at the hips and the knees bend awkwardly to the sides. 
            So, I guess the robot mode is pretty much bad.

Robot Mode (Rodimus Prime):
            This is the lamest excuse of a transformation. To transform Hot Rod to Rodimus Prime, you have to simply remove his helmet, rotate the head in order to present the older face, and put the helmet back on.
            Voila… the lamest transformations. 
            Oh yeah, at least in this mode, he wields a weapon.
Alternate Mode (Rodimus Prime):
Rodimus on Battle Platform
            Now, if you ask me, this is pretty much why I wanted this set so badly. While the basic robot may come in a single set, the other pieces and accessories that would made up part of the Winnebago are scattered throughout the set. So if you want to have Rodimus Prime, you would have to buy the entire Wave 4 set in order to get the trailer done. 
Rodimus's Winnebago Frame
            The Winnebago walls and Rodimus Prime’s guns are obtainable from the Hot Rod set itself; the twin barrel gun that would be used on top of the miniature battle platform can be found in the Victory Leo set; while the bottom panel of the Winnebago can be found from the G1 Inferno set – a very good marketing ploy/ tactic, if you ask me. 
Rodimus's Alternate Mode

            I really like the battle platform mode, and while it isn’t really a good substitute for the Masterpiece Rodimus, it is a very good scaled-down representation of it. Even the way how the platform transforms into the trailer, and also the way the figure “cheats” in order to transform into Rodimus’s alternate mode is almost similar. 
            I personally think that the finishing itself is very smooth.

            Like I said, I really like the end product of this set, although not so much on Hot Rod itself. I reckoned that this set is definitely for you if you’re a massive Hot Rod/ Rodimus Prime fan.
If you’re like me and you really want to have the Rodimus Prime alternate mode, then this set is a no-brainer. But if you’re not looking forward to Rod Prime’s alt mode, then you probably wanna skip this set.

Verdict: 8/10

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  1. Hey bro, can you do a size comparison in the future too give a better illustration of how the figures sizes up compared to say for instance Legends or Scout class in this case. Thanks.

    Another thing, both of his face expression look sad. It's a burden for Rodimus living up to the expectations of being a Prime.