Transformers Review –Inferno (Kabaya)

            Inferno is a Transformers name, widely associated with Fire Rescue vehicles. Back in the G1 days, he was a fire truck – an alternate mode that he would often used in various reincarnation, except for a certain fire-ant mode from Beast Wars.
            Inferno is of course, the last figure from the Kabaya Gum Transformers Wave 4, so he has plenty to live up to considering the excellence of most of the previous releases in the series.

Alternate Mode:
            Surprise, surprise! Inferno transforms into a fire truck, which is based on his previous Transformers-Universe mould. 
            While the little guy may not be perfect, looking at the bottom part of the truck, there aren’t really that many exposed kibbles. 
            Also, compared to all other Kabaya Gum assembler kits, Inferno is probably the easiest to construct and assemble. 

Robot Mode:
            Inferno looks spot on to his Transformers: Universe namesake. The transformation to robot mode is filthy easy that the instructions are not required at all.
            Articulation-wise: the head turns and are able to tilt upward (due to the transformation joint); shoulders rotate; elbows bend; and the legs can only rotate at the hips, and that’s all about it. 
            In this mode, he is armed only with a water-cannon mounted on the lower part of his right arm. 
            The entire set seems a little bit too easy and based on the popularity alone, I seriously doubt that these characters deserved to receive the Kabaya treatment. Other characters such as Megatron, Soundwave, Shockwave, Wheeljack and many more, seems to be more deserving to receive this treatment than Inferno.
Size Comparison between Deluxe Reveal the Shield Jazz
            The robot mode is really up to your preferences. Some of you may like it, while the rest of you may not. Personally, I think there are more deserving characters ought to be given the Kabaya Gum treatment than Inferno.

Verdict: 7/10

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