Transformers Review –Mirage (Alternators)

            Since its introduction back in 1984, the Transformers franchise has prided itself with the concept of “Robots in Disguise” – robots that can transform into everyday stuffs, with the Autobots transforming into various types of land vehicles, while the Decepticons  transforming into jets, construction vehicles, weapons & other everyday devices.
            But as the franchise grew, Transformers began to take a more adventurous & futuristic evolution. Back in the 1990’s, we were introduced to the Beast Wars, where Transformers transform into organic life forms instead of metals. It was received with mixed reaction from the fans all over the world. It was not long after that, that the powers that be finally decided to go back to its roots, and bring back the realistic & believable alternate modes.
            Thus came one of the most memorable (and in my humble opinion, one of the best) lines ever produced – the Binaltechs (Takara)/ Alternators (Hasbro). Both versions are essentially the same, except for the fact that Binaltechs utilized more die-cast parts in their fabrication (thus the hefty price tag), while the latter stuck with high quality plastic PVC. Personally, I prefer the Alternators because die-cast figures tend to be susceptible to peeling when you transform the figure too frequently.
            Binaltechs/ Alternators are obviously targeted at 2 groups:
1)      Avid Transformers collectors.
2)      Avid Car Model collectors, who may or may not be Transformers collectors as well.

I have in all, 7 Alternators in my collection, which consist of Nemesis Prime, Wheeljack, Wincharger, Swindle, Ravage, Meister (Jazz) & Mirage. Personally, of all of these, I rank Mirage as the best of the lot, that embodies the ideals that the entire Alternators line supposed to represent, and it also proves the ability of Hasbro to actually design a figure rather than adopting the original designs from Takara.

Alternate Mode:
            Mirage transforms into a very sleek and very sporty Ford GT. I really do like his car mode, and personally I would actually consider it to be one of the best in the entire line, and that alone is saying it a lot. 
Proving to you that this is definitely a Ford
Anymore Questions?
            As with most Alternators figures, Mirage comes with a very detailed interior, and also wheels that are made from rubber and the front wheels turns left or right in tandem. 
            Unlike most Alternators however, the front hood doesn’t open, and the engine block (that also transforms into the robot mode’s gun) are kept just underneath the rear mirrors.  
            The design details, decals and the detailed designs really shine through; such as the Ford & Ford GT logos, the chrome tyre rims and the Cybertronian Radial rubber tyres, the gas cap on the hood and even the Michigan Mirage Great Lakes vehicle plate all add appeal to this mode. 
            Awesome alternate mode!

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode is very well done, and very proportionately designed – even for Binaltechs/ Alternators standards. Predominantly deep blue in color, he’s not easily recognizable as the G1 Mirage. The difference in color scheme is obviously apparent. However, a close inspection of the head sculpt will give you some hints on his true identity.
            Articulation-wise, he is simply amazing: head is on a ball joint; inner shoulder swivels allow the arm to raise up and down; shoulders rotate; lower shoulders swivel; upper elbows rotate; double-jointed elbow; ball jointed wrists; independent movements for the forefinger, while the rest of the fingers open and close in tandem (except the thumbs, since they are fixed); waist rotates; hips are on universal joints; the legs rotate slightly above the bendable knees and finally, ball jointed ankles.
            The sheer amount of articulations really give a lot of posing options, although the huge shoulder pieces may be a slight bit of hindrance. The car spoiler pieces, which are now on the outside of the legs, can be a hindrance as well; I just wished that there were somehow a way to fold them down.
Mirage also wields two guns in his robot mode, formed by his engine block. In my opinion, one of the guns looks a little bit awkward due to its asymmetrical nature.
            Otherwise, this is really one good looking bot.
            Mirage has gone onto the record to be one of my all time favorite Binaltechs/ Alternators figures alongside Ravage (the Jaguar version). Ironically, both of these sculpts were originally designed by Hasbro in the Alternators line. The color scheme may be a bit wrong, but I like to think of it as an update to the character. A really good mould, so good that they actually reused the mould for Rodimus.
            I really love this figure and I really can’t say more about this figure. If you’re going to get yourself only one Alternators figure, Mirage is definitely one top candidate.

Highly recommended.
Final verdict, 9.5/10.

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