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Welcome back Cybertronians. to another edition of Collector Closeups, which I believe is long overdue. Our Collector Closeups articles of course features fellow collectors, as we like to call it in Malaysia among the collectors community -- Taikun (pronounced as Tycoon), who doesn't mind to share their collections with the world, as well as to inspire other existing and would-be collectors.

This time around, we would like to introduce to you to a fellow collector, as well as a friend of ours, Izwan Ishak -- who is an avid fan of model cars and of course, Transformers.

Real Name            : Ahmad Izwan Ishak
Code Name           : Skippy
Affiliation             : TransMY
Function                : Normal Member
TF Series               : Tranformers: Prime. Masterpiece, Alternators/ Binaltech, *CHRUG, RiD 2015
Other Collectibles : Model Cars, SHFiguarts and miscellaneous
Quote                     : Who's Ahmad? (Yes, really!)
Favorite Figure      : Alternators Smokescreen, G1 God Ginrai

Izwan, or Skippy as he is affectionately known as, may be sort of a late starter, as far as being a Transformers Collector goes, which was in 2014; but don't let that fool you, he has been in love with the franchise since Day 1. The allure of a toy that is actually 2 toys (or more) in one, was just too appealing.
Gundam - one of the first figure in his massive collection
While his Transformers collection may have expanded exponentially ever since he joined TransMY -- the premiere and official Transformers collectors club in the country -- 2 years ago, it doesn't mean he never had any Transformers figure before then. In fact, his first ever Transformers figure dates back to 1988 -- God Ginrai from the Japanese  Masterforce series, which is a Holy Grail to some collectors out there.
Universal Studios Exclusive
Also being an avid model car collector (more on that later), it was natural for Skippy to be attracted to the now-defunct Alternators/ Binaltech series. It was then too that Skippy was introduced to the Masterpiece line.
In 2014, Skippy finally discovered TransMY, and after signing up as a member, his life as a collector officially began, and he concentrated more on the Transformers: Prime series. The rest, as they say, is history.
As mentioned earlier, Skippy is also a huge model car fan -- especially police cars. His model car collection is quite extensive -- ranging from Hot Wheels to the bigger 1: 24 scale models.
While there are quite a number of impressive super fast cars in his collection, it is his love for anything police-cars that sets him apart from other collectors. There is actually a glass cabinet dedicated only to model police cars!
Life-sized "Police" Car
But it doesn't end there, he even has a life-sized car repainted into a Japanese police car color-scheme! How cool is that?!
Skippy's collection is impressive indeed, and his dedication towards his passion and hobby is definitely an inspiration for his fellow contemporaries, and New Planet Cybertron Weblog is most definitely honored to be given the opportunity to have a sneak peek at his awesome collection.

Till next time...


*CHRUG = Classics, Henkei, Reveal The Shield, Universe, Generations

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