Transformers Review: Combaticons (G1 Knockoff)

            I’ve been waiting for ages to do this particular review. This is the one Transformers figure that is the closest to my heart. Read the details, here.
            Anyways, based on the original G1 animated series continuity, the Combaticons were created by Starscream, out of his frustrations to lead his own army, using the sparks of several rogue Decepticons and wreckage of old World War 2 vehicles, hence the name. 
            Bruticus – the super robot that the Combaticons transforms into – is one of the strongest Decepticon gestalts at the time, and it gave both the Autobots and the Decepticons a lot of problems.
            As we go on with this review, please take note that some of these figures are already broken and thus I am unable to depict some of the modes mentioned.
            So without further ado, let’s get down with the review.

            Vortex is the Combaticons’ resident nutcase and is their interrogator extraordinaire. He transforms into a helicopter and based on the info I’ve gathered, he actually transforms into a Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk. I may not be a heli-fanatic, but I do know that this is one of the most commonly-used helicopter by the United States Air Force… well, TV plays a huge part of that.
            The copter mode looks fairly realistic.
            The set also comes with a small gun that can be mounted in front of the helicopter, specifically at the orange-color portion in front of the cockpit. Unfortunately, I can’t show you that because I’ve somehow lost the gun.
            Transformation is kinda simple, but a knockoff being a knockoff, the quality of the plastic isn’t exactly satisfying. Over time, the plastic has gotten brittle, and the first thing to give in was the ball-joint stick on the shoulders. Both on mine had broken off, and now, they are only held on to the main body with super glue.

Blast Off:
            Blast Off transforms into a space shuttle. He is the Combaticons’ resident loner, and being stationed high up in space away from everyone else just doesn’t quite help with his social difficulties.
            The space shuttle mode is kinda neat and it really looks realistic enough to pass as a NASA shuttle replica.
            Again, as with Vortex, Blast Off isn’t really that durable. The cockpit, which splits up into his arms have really brittle shoulders. Just as with Vortex, the shoulder joints gave in as well on mine.

            Swindle is probably the most business-savvy of all the Combaticons, or even Decepticons at that. He sees everything in terms of opportunity to make profit. 

            Transforming officially into a FMC XR311 military vehicle (looks more like a jeep to me), he is my favourite of all 4 of the smaller Combaticons. 

            The vehicles supposed to come with a blaster that can me mounted on top of the vehicle, but unfortunately I’ve lost that piece.

            Transformation is kinda simple and the robot mode is probably one of the better ones among the 4 smaller Combaticons.

            It is definitely one of the more durable of all the Combaticons.

            Brawl, the bot with some real anger-management issues. He transforms into a Leopard Tank.
            He is definitely the most solid and durable of all the Combaticons. The turret turns 360°.
            The robot mode isn’t exactly good. The sheer blockiness of the mode really restricts an already-limited range of articulations of this figure.

           The leader of the group and their very own master strategist – he is the most powerful of all the Combaticons. He prefers to devise tactics and strategies rather than get himself dirty in a fight, but when his plans do fail, he has no qualms to get involved himself and unleash his ultimate fury.
            Onslaught transforms into an anti-aircraft truck. Physically, he may be the biggest, but compared side-by-side with the rest of the Combaticons, they’re definitely not in scale with one another. 
            His robot mode itself is the biggest amongst the Combaticons, and rightly so since he is the main body and torso of Bruticus. As such, he is also the most articulated of all five.
            The combined mode, a.k.a. Bruticus stands close to about the height of a Voyager-class figure.
            He’s tough and blocky, and if I were an Autobot, I would definitely hate to be facing him in a fistfight. 
            Bruticus wields his signature Sonic Blaster, as well as a shield, formed by the ramp on Onslaught’s trailer. 
            Overall, I really like how Bruticus looks.

Like I said, Bruticus has a special place in my heart, despite being only knockoffs. The Family literally began with him.
Knockoffs being knockoffs, they are definitely not perfect, but I will say this – it is knockoff figures like this that will produced more future TransFans. Let’s face it, with the prices of Transformers figures increasing rapidly over the years, parents may want to resort to knockoffs like this in order to expose their children to this awesome franchise – at least until these kids know how to take care of their toys better. I mean, Transformers are expensive toys, no doubt about that, and most parents may be quite reluctant to allow their kids to destroy these figures in a matter of minutes – tamper tantrums or not.
Anyways, what better a first for kids than a knockoff gestalt.
I love Bruticus.
Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/10 (from the heart); 4/10 (overall quality-wise).


  1. Hi there, I have found these combaticons Knockoff transformers not long ago. I just wondering about their value the figures at exactly the same as the pictures I have found Bruticus completed but one of the step foot its missing. It is difficult to find these figures parts? cheers. Fernando

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