Transformers Review: Skids (Alternators)

            The Alternators have been one of my most favorite Transformers line ever. They are known to have very detailed vehicle modes, and very good robot modes, although they aren’t exactly very screen accurate. To some, that is exactly the reason that put off some Transformers fans.
Concurrently, that is also the reason why some car model fans are attracted to this line.
           Well, you can’t really please everyone, can you?
            Anyways, the fact of the matter is, the Alternators have very good vehicle modes, most of its releases have been based on fast cars and really, really powerful cars, i.e. Ford Mustang, Ford GT, Honda S2000, Subaru Impreza WRC etc.
            In other words, these are the cars that are least likely that you’ll ever find on the roads, especially Malaysian roads.
            Skids, however, breaks that trend – Skids is a Scion xB, a brand that is an extension of the Toyota in the United States, which unfortunately will cease operation by August 2016. Although Scion xB isn’t exactly available in Malaysia, but it’s a type of sub-compact car that are quite common here, so even if it’s available in Malaysia, it won’t be a huge head-turner – well, you know what I mean.
            Comparing to most earlier-released Alternators, he is a slow car – a very, very normal car, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing. That is one of the reasons why Skids is highly sought-after.
            Skids isn’t really a high-profile character. The character only appeared for a very brief moment in the G1 cartoon series, but did play a significant role in the original Marvel Comics.
            Anyways, let’s not waste any time, and let’s get on with the review.

Alternate Mode:
            As mentioned above, Skids transforms into a Scion xB. I really like it how they applied the flaming paintjob onto the car.
            As per normal standards, Skids is very detailed. The windshields are somewhat blur-tinted, and there is also a decal with the word “SCION” in the front windshield. Everything else is also there: rubber tyres, engine block, steerable wheels, detailed interiors and functioning doors.

            Unless you turn the car upside down, there is no way for you to know that this is a Transformer – that is how realistic it is.

            The car is far from perfect though, although it might just be an isolated case with mine. The hinges for the front doors seems to be too tight, and it’s really difficult to open them up – you literally have to force them to open, sometimes so hard that you feel that something might break.
            So, just in case if your Skids have the same problem with mine, be careful.
            That problem aside, this is a really good car mode.

Robot Mode:
            The transformation is quite complex, which is quite involving.
            The end result is a robot with a massive chest/ upper body, and quite massive legs as well.
            My first impression of this figure is that it’s way too stout, with a lot of panels hanging around that might hinder its movement.

            I couldn’t be more wrong.
            The little guy is actually quite nimble! The articulation on this guy is simply amazing.
            The head is on a ball joint; the shoulders are on universal joints; the arms rotate slightly above the double-jointed elbow; and the wrists rotate.
            The waist rotates; the hips are on universal joints; knees bend and the feet are on ball joints.
            The combinational of these joints provide Skids with a whole lot of articulation options.
            My only complaint is probably the shape of the calf. I really wished that there were some way to fold the windshields inwards; or at least to the back of the calf. For me, it really disturbs the overall look of the robot.
            As usual, the engine block transforms into a gun for Skids to use.
            Comparing to most of the Alternators, Skids is comparatively short. Well, I guess it’s suitable for him because he is first and foremost a scientist, and was not a natural fighter to begin with.
From left: Mirage, Skids and Ricochet
            Anyways, it’s a really good robot mode.

I like Skids overall. It has a really awesome vehicle mode, and the articulation of its robot mode is really good.
I definitely highly recommend this figure to any Alternators/ Binaltech collectors.

Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9 /10. 

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