Geek Con Malaysia 2016 - KDU Utropolis Glenmarie, Selangor, Malaysia

Geek Con Malaysia 2016
Hello there my fellow Cybertronians, welcome back to New Planet Cybertron Blog. Over the past weekend, NPC was given the privilege to be involved in the Malaysia's first ever GEEK CON -- a comic convention especially for geeks and geekettes out there.

Unlike most other ACG (anime, comics and games) conventions in Malaysia, Geek Con focuses more on Western pop cultures, such as Marvel and DC comics, Star Wars, Transformers etc. So, it is a nice breath of fresh air on the local ACG calendar.

With the tagline: "Bringing Geek Culture To Life", Geek Con aims to gather local internationally-recognized comics artists, toy/ action figure collectors, cosplayers and manufacturers under one-roof.
X-Man: Apocalypse
Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
Since the year 2016 is being largely known as the year of superheroes, especially with 4 gigantic superheroes movies coming up this year (ironically, 2 from Marvel and 2 from DC), i.e. Captain America: Civil War; X-Men: Apocalypse; Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justine; and Suicide Squad.
Suicide Squad
The inaugural two-day event was held at KDU Utropolis Glenmarie, and was hosted by our very-own local celebrity entertainer -- the explosive Point Blanc (of Poetic Ammo fame), who happens to be a geek himself.
Celebrity Cosplayers (From left): Misa Chiang (Taiwan) and Jna (Sabah)
The celebrity cosplayers Misa Chiang from Taiwan and Jna from Sabah too were present throughout the two-day event, conducting meet and greet sessions, as well being judges for the Geek Con Cosplay competition.
New Planet Cybertron's Booth
NPC was given the honor to be involved in this event as an exhibitor, in which we showcased our own personal Marvel Universe 3 3/4" figures, as well as some G1 Transformers collection from our good friend Clarance Lee @ DXCONVOY and Eswin Woo.
New Planet Cybertron's Transformers section by Clarance Lee @ DXConvoy and Eswin Woo
Also making an appearance in Geek Con is Uncle Liang - The Recycle Modeller. Unlike other exhibitors, Uncle Liang literally makes his own statues/ toys/ action figures out of recyclable items and waste.
Uncle Liang: The Recycle Modeller
An Uncle Liang production: Bat Mobile
Asia Brick Malaysia also made their presence felt by exhibiting some of their unique and beautifully-crafted LEGO creations.
Asia Brick Malaysia
The biggest exhibitor of the event -- Toy Galleria -- which consists of various entities such as Lil Monsters etc, showcased some of their most awesome statues, which encompassed various brands, i.e. Marvel, DC, Transformers and many more.
Grey Hulk, SMASH!

Shades of Civil War?

Optimus Prime
Iron Men..
Forest Gump
Helios-E and Outpost Productions -- two entities well-known for their cosplay outfits-making, also made their presence felt with some of their best cosplayers roaming all over the event floor.

Also made their presence felt was the Malaysian Whovians,

Apart from exhibition booths, there are also tables for various guest artists such as Alan Quah, John Tham and many more. Not to forget also the guys from Batcave Malaysia and Toy Escapades.
Alan Quah
John Tham
Of course, for those looking to get some good deals on collectibles, there were also various sales booth on the floor, i.e. Racun Collectibles, Mechadioz, Secret Shop, Parallele Paraiso and many more.

And of course, no comic conventions would be complete without all the colorful cosplayers.

The inaugural Geek Con Malaysia 2016 truly was a wonderful event. Fans from all over the country descended upon KDU to be a part of history. Not only that, there were also visitors from Canada, USA, UK, Taiwan and Singapore, who wanted to experience how it is like to be a geek in Malaysia.

The general response from the fans is that everyone is looking forward to the next Geek Con, presumably to be held in 2017.

And for us New Planet Cybertron Blog, it was a blast, and we had a lot of fun in this event, and we definitely be looking forward to the next event.
From left: Clarance Lee @DXCONVOY; Jerry Wee @ The Big Man @ Chief Editor; Big Daddy V; Ejuan Hunter @ Ghost Rider
As the Chief Editor of NPC, I would also like to take the opportunity to thank our team, Big Daddy V, DX Convoy and Eswin Woo for their efforts and awesome Transformers collection, as well as Ejuan Hunter for dressing up as one of our favorite superheroes -- Ghost Rider.
Ghost Rider with his two mini-me
Not to forget also, a million thanks to everybody, who dropped by our booth to say hi, from our close buddies such as Farid, Sharwin etc, to various celebrities such as Point Blanc and Abang Naz; to all of the new friends that we've made and fans, thank you all for gracing our booth.
The Chief Editor with TV3 Personality & Host, Abang Naz
We look forward to seeing all of you again on the next Geek Con, and until then, as usual, we will leave you with various photos of colorful cosplayers throughout the event. And as a side project, we at NPC tried to gather as many Marvel cosplayers from the event, and have them take photos with "their miniature self".

So until the next entry...

Ghost Rider and his action figure counterpart
Antman, with the writer, Anthony and his action figure counterpart

Jubilation Lee @ Jubilee with her action figure counterpart
The Amazing Spiderman with his action figure counterpart

Deadpool with his action figure counterpart
Peter Quill @ Star Lord with his action figure counterpart
With the beautiful Wonder Woman
With the Amazing Spider Girl Gwen Stacy
With the adorable dynamic duo Robin and Zatanna
With the time traveller Cable
With the power crazy King Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones
Miles Mayhem from M.A.S.K,
Star Wars Rey vs Kylo Ren
Starfire and Lady Deadpool
Reverse Flash and The Penguin
Supergirl and The Flash
Ghostbusters feat. Slimer

Cosplayers Assemble!

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