Coming Soon - Geek Con Malaysia 2016

Heads up people!!!

Something big is coming your way, and that something is GEEK CON MALAYSIA 2016.

Unlike many other events of its nature that focuses more on Japanese Anime and Manga, Geek Con focuses more on the Western comics such as Marvel, DC and many more.

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And for the first time ever, NEW PLANET CYBERTRON BLOG will be there as one of the exhibitors, and we will be showcasing our Marvel Universe collections.

Geek Con Malaysia will be held on 19th and 20th March 2016, at KDU University College Utropolis Glenmarie Campus.

Come pay us a visit, and we will be there...

For more info on the event, do visit Geek Con Malaysia's pages below:

Official                  -
Facebook (Official) -
Facebook (Event)    -


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