Komik Kon Malaysia 2015 - MAEPS Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Hey there my fellow Cybertronians and comic freaks,

We've all heard of the world-renowned San Diego and New York Comic Cons. Both comic conventions have become somewhat of a pilgrimage for both comic geeks and toy/ action figure collectors alike.

Taking inspiration from these international events, Komik Kon Malaysia was formed, and on 13th to 15th November 2015, history was made -- Malaysia's first ever Komik Kon was held.

Held in MAEPS Serdang, the event saw thousands thronged to bear witness history-in-the-making.
New Planet Cybertron's Booth
Komik Kon also played a momentous role in the growth of New Planet Cybertron Blog, as for the first time ever, we were given our very own booth -- which were usually designated to clubs, societies and other establishments -- to showcase our own personal collections.
New Planet Cybertron
NEW PLANET CYBERTRON showcased some of the iconic characters from the Marvel Universe -- namely the Marvel Universe/ Marvel Infinite Series lines, Transformers, Spawn, as well other popular 1980s and 90s comic characters.
The 3 day events featured major establishments in the local animation industry such as Animax, Cingkus Blues, Keluang Man, BoboiBoy, Lat, Chichi Chacha, Pekomik; as well as major players Malaysian toy collectors world such as TransMY, Lil Monsters, Star Wars Fan Boys, MyLug LEGO Club, Funko Pop, 501st Legion Malaysia and many more.
Also making their first appearance in any conventions such as this is MyPW or the Malaysian Pro Wrestling -- Malaysia's first official wrestling school. Their so-called pay-per-view called CLASH OF THE TITANS, presented a good variety of exhibition matches such as hardcore, divas, tag-team, handicap matches and many more.
Your's truly as the guest Ring Announcer and Color Commentator for CLASH OF THE TITANS
The main highlight of the CLASH OF THE TITANS featured a match between Furious Faizal and the founder of MyPW, Big Daddy A - Ayez Shaukat, to determine the No. 1 Contender for the South East Asia Inter-promotional Championship, which would take place in the Phillippines.

New Planet Cybertron Blog were also given the honor of being the announcer, as well as the color commentator for the 3rd day of CLASH OF THE TITANS.
MyLug (LEGO Club)
The exhibition featured showcases of various toy lines and series such as Transformers, Marvel Universe, DC, LEGO, Ultraman, and in conjunction with the release of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS in December 2015, Star Wars collectibles and stage performances.
Star Wars Fan Boys
Bat Cave Diorama
Hosted by the very beautiful Thanuja Ananthan - TV personality, international model and Miss World Malaysia 2010, Komik Kon featured several performances from the 501st Legion Malaysia; the Cosplayer Society; as well as the much anticipated Superhero Dance Performances. The dance performances, which was presented twice-a-day, involved Thor, Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Spiderman, Catwoman and Captain America.
The writer, with Thanuja Ananthan - International Model, TV Personality, Miss World Malaysia 2010 and Event Host
Superheroes Dance Routine

Star Wars Stage Play
For fans of the classic 80s pop-culture, Komik Kon also featured the actual KITT - the futuristic talking-car from the hit series KNIGHT RIDER; the iconic black van from THE A-TEAM; as well as the 1962 Volvo driven by Roger Moore in the hit series THE SAINT.
KITT from KNIGHT RIDER and the car for THE SAINT
Just can't get enough of KITT
The Iconic A-Team Van
There were also replica movie sets for those trigger-happy selfie-enthusiasts, such as ALIENS, IRON MAN, Marvel/DC Superheroes, classic Mighty Robots, and numerous STAR WARS near-life-sized statues such as the AT-AT & AT-ST, Jabba the Hutt, R2D2 and Han Solo's "frozen body".
MARVEL and DC Superheroes
Apart from showcases and exhibitions, there are also booths selling numerous vintage toys and action figures from both the Japanese, as well as US pop-culture.

Funko Pop's Booth
For fans of GAME OF THRONES, there were also a booth dedicated to the hit HBO series, albeit the fact that it focused more towards the card game.
As the event drew to a close, many have already begun to anticipate the next Komik Kon, which is expected to be bigger, better and features more exciting showcases and exhibits. 

Of course, no comic conventions such as this would be complete without a wide-array of cosplayers showcasing their works-of-arts.

Before we sign off, again I would like to thank everyone - our friends and family that was involved with NEW PLANET CYBERTRON BLOG's booth, as well as everybody, who dropped by to say hi. The booth is a success because of all of you. See all of you again next year at Komik Kon 2016.

Also, we will leave you with photos taken throughout the 3-day event, for your viewing pleasure.

So until the 2nd Komik Kon... .:PEACE:.

X-Men Diorama made from Recycled Items
Onslaught, along the characters from THE INCREDIBLE HULKS
Galactus looms over Marvel Universe, with the SDCC-Exclusive Nick Fury and Stan Lee - Spiderman

Miscellaneous figures: autographed WWE WYATT FAMILY action figures; Animated Series Batman; Jakks Pacific's Mankind; Captain Planet; Ultraman Mebius and Zoffy; Catwoman; Doomsday and Superman
Voltron and the Power Rangers
Spawn (Credit to Big Daddy V)
Transformers Generation One
Transformers Alternators and Alternity
Leaders of the Decepticons

Transformers Chess set and Books
Giganta and Harley Quinn
Captain Jack Sparrow and Cruella De Vil
Princess Anna of Arendelle from FROZEN
Princess Leia from STAR WARS
Little Iron Man, or should I call him, Iron Kid?
Iron Man Chamber
Mighty Robot
Jabba the Hutt
Frozen Han Solo

LEGOs on sale
Vintage collections
Hot Wheels for sale


DA Republic


For more photos of the events, do visit Komik Kon Malaysia Official Facebook page by clicking (HERE).


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