Transformers Review: Motormaster (CW Voyager) – Part 1 of 6 – Stunticons

            It’s been a while since we had a Transformers Review here on New Planet Cybertron. Fret not, fellow Cybertronians, today we finally go back to our roots. For the next few upcoming entries, here on NPC, we will be bringing to you the review of individual members of one of the most highly anticipated gestalt sets so far – Menasor.
            Fans of the original G1 series will definitely remember the Stunticons – a group of maniacal land-based Decepticons that frequently go head-to-head with the Aerialbots. For ages, the Decepticons had conquered the skies, but time and again, they have been repeatedly proven to be quite inferior on the road.
            Hence, Megatron finally decided that he must conquer the roads as well, and he did so by creating his very own team of cars and truck – the Stunticons.
            Although Motormaster is the leader of the outfit, the remaining Stunticons, i.e. Dragstrip, Dead End, Breakdown & Offroad (in the original G1, he should’ve been called Wildrider), hated Motormaster so much. The only reason they still follow him is because they are so scared of him.
            Motormaster has always dream of conquering the roads – to be the King of the Roads, which is also why he hated Optimus Prime so much. He deems only Optimus that stands between him and that elusive accolade, and he’s not afraid to show it. 
            I was particularly excited when Hasbro decided to release the Stunticons in the Combiner Wars series. The Stunticons have always been one of my favorites – somehow the Decepticons always have the better gestalts. I knew from the beginning that the Stunticons would be in my collection – eventually.
            And thanks to TeenCom’s birthday discount offer (an offer available to any customer on their respective month of birth – don’t miss this fantastic offer), I knew it was now or never. Voila, lo and behold, we are here with the 1st of 6 reviews of the Stunticons, beginning with their leader Motormaster.

Alternate Mode:
            Obviously, Motormaster transforms into a truck. The truck isn’t really based on any specific brand or model – unlike his G1 figure. It’s just some generic-looking truck.
            However, maybe it’s just me, but this mode always reminds me of Age of Extinction Galvatron. I don’t know: maybe it’s the colors, or maybe just by the how it looks, but he sure looks like Galvatron to me.
            I like how this mode looks though – kinda realistic-looking. The kibbles are minimal – you can only see the feet pieces, as well as the fists if you turn-turtle the truck.
            The robot mode’s blade is stored at the back of the truck.
            The truck has got quite a number of details on him. The front grill looks good, and there’s even a tiny Decepticon emblem on it. The wheels are made from similar hardened PVC plastic as the rest of the body. I do wish that the wheels were made from real rubbers like in the good ol’ days but I guess it was not meant to be.
            Overall, it’s a neat little figure.

Robot Mode:
            Transformation from truck to robot is very simple, and you could most likely forgo the instruction manual.

            Unlike the original G1 figure where the cockpit of the truck is formed by the legs, the cockpit here is actually formed by the arms.
            The head sculpt is unique and I like it very much. It’s very distinctively Motormaster, especially with its blocky design. The shoulders are broad and the entire figure looks blocky – quite suitable for a guy, who regards himself as being superior to Optimus (yeah, right).
            The figure is covered with traditional Motormaster paint scheme – black/purple/grey.
            Articulation-wise, Motormaster has got quite a decent amount of it. The head is on a ball joint. The shoulder joints are divided into 3-parts, i.e. the vertical-rotational axis; the heavy-ratcheting swivel joints that allow the arms to swing outward; as well as the horizontal-axis rotational joints. The figure also has elbows that bend 90°; waist joint; heavy-ratcheting universal hip joints; and finally, the knees bend and rotate.
            Though not really that fantastic, you can still have quite a fun posing him.
            Motormaster also comes armed with two weapons – a dagger/sword, as well as a blaster, so he’s not really somebody that you really want to mess with.
            Overall he’s a very decent-looking robot.

            I like Motormaster. He’s not perfect, but good nonetheless. He would probably make a decently-good figure on his own, but if you’re like me, you buy him for a higher and bigger purpose – but that is for a later time.
            However, if you don’t really plan to collect the rest of the Stunticons, he is still worth getting – two very decent modes are huge pluses indeed.
Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 8.5/10. 


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