Transformers Review: Victory Saber (Robot Master)

            Finally, we’ve come to the review that we’ve been waiting for – the legendary Victory Saber. This was the main reason why I wanted to get this set so badly.

            When the odds are stacked too much for Star Saber to handle alone, thanks to the genius mind of Perceptor, Star Saber can call upon his good friend, Victory Leo, and combine with him to form an immensely powerful super robot called Victory Saber.
Alternate Mode:
            Both Star Saber and Victory Leo can combine together in their respective alternate modes and form a larger and more powerful aircraft mode.
            I have to admit, the combined mode looks kinda funny, but since that was how it was accurately shown in the cartoon series, then I guess it’s alright.
            In this mode, kibbles are in abundance – especially with the exposed lion head and legs at the back.
            Victory Leo’s humongous blaster can be wielded in this mode as the spacecraft’s primary weapon.

Robot Mode:
            Again, I can almost hear Transformers: Victory theme song playing in my head as I combine both Victory Leo and Star Saber to for Victory Saber.
            The combined mode looks pretty damn good!
            You know how the old saying goes: karma’s a … err… well, you know what I mean… (I’m trying to keep it PG rated here), in the same essence how Victory Leo, in his old form – Super Ginrai, utilized God Bomber as an upgrade armor, Victory Leo get the exact same treatment from Star Saber, although against the conscience of the Autobots Supreme Leader.
            In this mode, the main body of Victory Leo splits into 2 to form the feet for Victory Leo, adding about 2-inches to its overall height, with the wings and arms acting as the jetpack.
            In terms of articulations, Victory Saber retains all of Star Saber’s articulations; but in terms of look, he looks way wicked and cool! I can almost imagine the Decepticons trembling and Victory Saber approaches the battleground.

            I like this combined mode. It’s a bit too simple and easy for me, but since this was how it was depicted in the animated series, then I guess I’m okay with it.
            For those who love the character so much, but can’t afford the actual G1 figures themselves, then I guess this is a must-have for you.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/10.


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