Transformers Review: Megatron (Micron Densetsu)

            This is one of those figures that I really wanted to review for such a long time. It is one of my most sought after Megatron figures alongside the RiD/ Car Robots version.
            When I first watched the Armada series, I thought that Megatron was huge – awesomely huge! When this figure was first released in 2002/ 2003, I could only hope that to own this figure. By the time when I do have the dough, they were gone, but I didn’t stop searching for it. Occasionally, I did survey eBay or flea markets for this guy, but the price was phenomenal!
            I have to say, I am one of the proponents of Megatron should always be the gun, but I guess, it’s inevitable that he is more believable being a tank or something else, rather than a gun, and this is was one of those Megatron tanks that I really liked!
            And now that I’ve finally gotten him, let’s not waste time and let’s go with the review.

Alternate Mode:
            Megatron transforms into this humongous H-tank. I’m not sure if it is based on any real-life tanks – most of the alternate modes from the series itself are futuristic anyway.
            The tank feels solid and the color applications are very, very nice. The amount of details is fantastic.
            The turret itself can turn 360°. But once you turn in on a certain angle, it will trigger some sounds and light effects. Basically, since this is a Takara figure, any talking sound-effect would be in Japanese. So once you turn the turret to a certain angle (in any directions), the Decepticon insignia on the turret will light up in red and you’ll hear Megatron say “Flame Convoy!” (or something to that effect), followed by the sounds of the tank firing and rapid machine gun.
            Also, you might notice that the main cannon has a spring at its base – hence by pressing the cannon, again the insignia will light up in red, followed by just 1 shot sound.
            There is also a pair of pincers-like contraption in front of the tank, probably for close-space combats – to be used when the enemy is too close and none of his guns can reach ‘em. It might sound silly, but that’s my theory.
With 2007 Movie Leader Class Brawl
            Anyways, the tank is very imposing, and comparing it to the 2007 Movie Leader-class Brawl, which is by far the biggest tank-former, they are almost equaled in size. Brawl may be longer, but Megs has got the width!

Robot Mode:
            Transformation is so simple that you won’t even need the instructions – at all! In robot mode, Megatron is equally imposing in stature. It’s no surprise why the Decepticons are so afraid of him.

            He has incredibly huge shoulders, as well as a pair of pincers-like horns on his head. His legs and feet are so huge that it is impossible for him to topple over. Those are very essential to the figure, especially with his most powerful gimmick, which I will talk about later.
Accompanied by Tranformers Prime Cliffjumper
With Leader-1
            The head sculpt is good, and Megatron definitely looks angry.
            Articulation-wise: the head can rotate 360°; the main shoulder pieces are on heavy ratcheting joints and they can also rotate 360°; the main upper arm pieces are also on ratcheting joints, which allows outward motions; the bendable elbows are on very heavy ratchet joints, and they also rotate; Meg’s right wrist rotates 360°, but the left hand consists of a thumb and a 4-finger-piece that are spring-loaded and can open up. This is so that it can cater the hidden dagger gimmick.
Hidden Dagger
            The waist is on a somewhat soft ratcheting joint. Again, theoretically they can also turn 360°, but they are mostly hindered due to the turret piece is in the way. The hips are on ratcheting joints that allow outward motion, and that’s the only movement the legs could do. That might be kind of disappointing, but I don’t really mind it that much.
            The details and coloring are excellent, as well as the heft. This is how hefty a Transformer figure should be.
            I absolutely love the bot mode.

            I am telling you, this figure is reek with gimmicks. The last time I saw this much gimmick on one figure was Fortress Maximus, if I am not mistaken.
            Just like most Armada/ Micron Legend figures, Megatron comes with a Minicon figure called Leader-1. Yes, the name was taken from the Gobots franchise; of the name of the leader of the Guardians. Instead of a jet, like his namesake, Leader-1 is a tiny vehicle with 2 laser blasters poking out on top.

            In robot mode, the yellow visor is a clear homage to his namesake. The orange blaster tips are now the back of the legs, which unfortunately may hinder some movements.

            In tank mode, apart from the earlier mentioned sound and lighting effects, it might also remind some of you of M.A.S.K.s! At least it reminded me of that. The left back piece holds a hidden storage area where you might be able to smuggle something or someone. The front-left tank tread piece can open up to reveal more Minicon ports. The front-right tank tread reveal a catapult-like contraption, that could be used to jettison or propel flight-based Minicons. The right-back piece hold a small prisoner cell, complete with a tiny ramp!

            Inserting Leader-1 to a port on the turret will released another set of hidden blaster on the top-right of the turret itself.
            Also, the number of Minicons port on his tank mode is unbelievable – a whopping 11 ports!   
With Superlink Shockwave (a.k.a. Tidal Wave in Energon series)
            In robot mode, apart from the already-mentioned hidden dagger gimmick, Megatron can combine with Tidal Wave figure! How cool is that? Since I do not have the Armada Tidal Wave, I shall use my Superlink Shockwave figure to demonstrate this gimmick, possible due to same mold, different color theme.

            The resulting Super-mode may look a bit awkward and top-heavy, but thanks to those huge legs of his, the Megatron-Tidal Wave combo can stand perfectly stable. Still, it’s a very awesome combination.

I like this figure very much. He’s not perfect, but the gimmicks; the sheer imposing-ness of this figure – it’s just darn worth it. I’m really glad that I’m finally able to own this figure. Do not miss the opportunity to get him, if you ever come across him or his repaint – the “upgraded” Galvatron.
Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10. 


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  2. I used to have it when i was a child it was great fun :)