Transformers Review: Platinum Optimus Prime (Age of Extinction Voyager)

            Finally, the march towards the Age of Extinction (AOE) has begun. Nope, I’m not talking about anything apocalyptic, but rather the 4th movie in the Transformers Live Action franchise.
            To kick things off, we are going to review the Platinum Edition Voyager Optimus Prime, which was sold in a two-pack set with Grimlock (we’ll be reviewing him in the next entry).
            Seeing as how it has been a common practice for Has-Tak to make any Optimus Prime figures to be the best in their respective size-classes, as well as the series itself, a lot is actually riding on this figure.
            Although this is not solely applicable to this set, but rather the entire series, the AOE action figures have seen a significant increase in prices, as compared to the previous Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters series.
            Extreme increase in production cost? Maybe…
            Anyways, let’s not get sidetracked here, and let’s move on with the review.

Alternate Mode:
            Finally, our prayers have been answered! Michael Bay, and everyone at Has-Tak finally decided to listen to all those Transformers purists out there.
            We’ve finally got a flat-nose truck, reminiscence of the G1 Optimus Prime!!! Many have been clamoring for it since the first movie franchise photos were first leaked way back in 2006, and after 8 long years, we have finally got him, minus the trailer.
Compared with the original G1 Optimus figure in front
            The first thing that you’d noticed is how small this figure actually is. Regardless that this figure is billed as a Voyager, the truck mode is so small, that it kind of feel like a Deluxe-class instead.
From left: AOE Optimus and G1 Optimus
            In fact, when compared to the original G1 Optimus Prime truck mode, they are almost the same size, and anyone would know that the original G1 Optimus Prime isn’t really that big.
Going up against Voyager Grimlock
            When compared to his set partner – Grimlock, Optimus is diminutive. It feels as if Grimlock could just kick him around all over town.
Both Optimus and Grimlock fully armed
            Anyways, moving on… Aside from the back portion of the truck, the rest of the truck is very reminiscent of his G1 counterpart. The color scheme is good and the chrome kind of accentuates the overall look. I do wish that there could’ve been more parts coated with chrome, such as the smokestack, the front bumper as well as the front grill. That would’ve made this mode nearly perfect.
            Oh look! No flame decals!!! Gah!!!
            One other thing that I have an issue on about this figure is the back of the cab. It feels like there should be something to cover up that gaping cavity. While the tried to cover it up with the fake chest pieces, it clearly needs more work. And if you look closely, you could even see Optimus’s head piece in there, looking at you.
            Unlike all previous G1 and movie Optimuses, this version comes with only 1 smokestack, which kind of added a little bit of asymmetrical dimension to this figure.
            As for the front windshield, I wished that it could’ve been painted on, instead of being transparent. It kind of reveals everything that wasn’t supposed to be revealed. Unless it has a perfect interior, then yes, it should be transparent.
Horrendous Hole Between the Legs
            The kibbles are obvious, unfortunately, especially for the legs. The gaping hole through the legs is an eyesore to me. I just wished that somehow, that would be covered.

            As for the Ion Blaster, there are several ways to mount it onto the truck mode, and it’s really up to you on whichever looks that work for you.

Robot Mode:
            This, my friend, is where this figure truly shines. The figure itself is very lanky and streamlined. Compared to the previous DOTM Voyager Optimus Prime, this version is more humanlike and less blocky.

            Maybe, for the past 3 years, Optimus has been working out hard in the gym? Hmm…
            Anyways, I really like how the chrome parts blend in with the iconic Optimus Prime red and blue color schemes.
            Although there are no overwhelming gaps or hollow parts that are quite evident with the current newer generations of Transformers figures, the figure does feel very light. Gone are the days of heftily-weighed action figures, this action figure actually weighs lighter than most older generation figures that I know of.
Size comparison between Optimus and his G1 self
Voyager Grimlock & Optimus
The same figures, but now featuring Universe Inferno
            Articulation-wise, this figure shines, baby!!! The head sculpt is on a ball joint, that it itself is on a swivel joint. That alone provides a lot of posing options for the head. He can look up; down; left or right; and even into his chest, if he wants to.
Long Neck
            The shoulders are on a combination of tight hinge and clicking joints – delicious. The arms rotate above the bendable elbows. The wrists can rotate, but very, very tight.
            Also, there is waist articulation! The hips are on soft ratcheting joints.
Chrome Parts and Wheels Joints
            The wheels near the hips are on separate joints mounted on the upper torso. The wheels do move out of the way to accommodate some fancier moves and poses that you could put this figure through.
Wheels move out of the way to allow more hip movements
            The knees bend 90° and the ankles that tilt in-and-outwards, up and down.
            The articulations more than makes up whatever shortcoming the robot mode might have. You will definitely have a lot of fun posing him around.

           Optimus Prime is a good effort for this line, granted that this is only a Voyager, and not a Leader-class figure, there are shortcomings in both modes for this action figure.
            I like the basic concept of Optimus transforming into a G1-ish truck mode, but if only they could make him just a little bit bigger and with less obvious gaps and holes.
            The robot mode is excellent and I am glad that the robot is not really that hollow. The articulations are amazing and definitely a must for TF-movies action figures collectors.

Rating – 8/10


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