Toys R Us Midnight Madness - Launch of TF4: Age of Extinction Toyline (17 May 2014)

 Hey yo Cybertronians!!!

By the time you read this post, chances are that you've already known about the launch of the Transformers 4: Age of Extinction (AOE) toy line all across Malaysia.

The hype was tremendous, and the anticipation was phenomenal!
Members of TransMY, as well as other fans lining up outside TRU Mid Valley
To celebrate the launch, Hasbro Malaysia, in cooperation of Toys R Us Malaysia held a Midnight Madness event at Toys R Us Mid Valley on 17th May 2014 midnight (Friday night, Saturday wee hours).
Free Goody Bag for 1st 100 Entrants
Hundreds of fans lined up to catch the first glimpse of the AOE products that went on sales. To commemorate the occasion, the first 100 customers to enter TRU Mid Valley each received a set of mouthwatering door gifts goody bag that consisted of Transformers Action Figures/ Kreo Sideswipe figures, the Now-and-Then Optimus Prime mini statues and many more.
Now-and-Then Optimus Prime Mini Statues
Kre-O Transformers Sideswipe
The crowd was awesome and some of them had already begun to gather as early as 9.30pm!
Platinum-edition Voyager-class Optimus Prime and Grimlock

For those who bought the Platinum Edition Voyager-class Optimus Prime - Grimlock set, they are eligible to be in the running for the lucky draw for the extremely exclusive Golden Optimus Prime figure, allocated only 1 unit in each participating country.
The Exclusive and Elusive Golden Optimus Prime
For those who spend RM 600 or above on AOE merchandises, they are eligible to win more goodies such as a pair of movie tickets to catch the premiere of TF4: Age of Extinction, as well as the exclusive chrome-coated Deluxe-class Scorn figures. If you are lucky enough, you might even get the rare Deluxe-class Bumblebee figures in the mix.
Chrome-coated Deluxe-class Scorn
Crowd lining up to get their gifts as well as to register in order to participate in the lucky draw
TransMY Members were given the honor to sign the Midnight Madness Billboard
Members of the official Transformers Fan Club of Malaysia (TransMY) were also there to liven up the occasion and were given the honor to get a sneak-peak of the products, way before the launch at midnight.
Video Courtesy of TransMY Member Syed Al-Edros
Members of TransMY, posing for the Camera
It was a great event and I guess most of us definitely cannot wait for the premiere of TF4: AOE.
Madness at the Valley
Optimus Prime and Bumblebee posing for New Planet Cybertron
Stay tune to New Planet Cybertron for more scoops and events, as we gather up pace towards the screening of one of the most highly anticipated summer movies this year.

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