Transformers Review: Springer (Generations Voyager)

            I’ve got better things to do tonight than die…
            Hands down, that has got to be the best line ever spoken in the entire Transformers 1986 movie. It was in this particular movie where most of the characters that we have grown to love, was killed off in an instant! Characters such as Ironhide, Brawn, Ratchet, Optimus Prime and many more met their makers, all in the name of making way for new characters, i.e. Arcee, Kup, Blurr, Hot Rod and many more.
            While there were many new characters introduced into both factions, one of the coolest of all has got to be Springer! For a robot that could utter that aforesaid script, he has got to be one tough bot – and a tough bot he is indeed.
            Springer is a Triple Changer, and he was the first Autobot Triple Changers to be shown on screen. While the Decepticons Triple Changers have made themselves felt even since the 2nd Season of G1 animated series, the Autobots Triple Changers only made their marks post-1986 movie.
            In the comic series, Springer was a part of the Autobots Special Force – the Wreckers.
            Springer has always been one of my favorite Autobot Triple Changers, and being able to finally own an actual Springer Triple Changer figure is just marvelous. I never had any Springer figure before. The only G1-based Springer figure that I have is the 3rd Party Warbot Defender figure. As the original G1 figure was blocky at best, Warbot Defender was the best G1-esque Springer we had, until Has-Tak decided to release one in the Generations line.
            So how good this version of Springer is? Stick around to find out…

Helicopter Mode:
            The helicopter mode is basically a mid-transformation figure from Car mode to Robot mode.

            While the helicopter mode looks okay, it isn’t exactly great. The rotor works amazingly, turning really freely. The robot kibbles are well exposed underneath, along with some hollows.
            The robot arms unfortunately do not lock in as snugly as I would’ve liked.
            The landing gears are present, but unfortunately they are mere plastic stubs shaped like wheels, rather than real wheels. I don’t see why they couldn’t just put real wheels on him.
Weapons Attached
            While the helicopter itself looks somewhat okay, you can also jazz it up by adding a gun underneath the cockpit. Not really that amazing, but I’ll get by.
            Overall, I don’t really fancy the helicopter mode – it’s not the best, but it’s far from being the worst.

Armored Car Mode:
            Springer’s armored car mode is not exactly similar to his G1 depictions, but that doesn’t necessarily have to bad.
            Personally, I’m not exactly a big fan of Springer’s original G1 futuristic mode anyway, so I don’t really mind the stark differences.
            While the Warbot Defender was exactly as the mode said it – a futuristic armored car, this time around, the car actually looks almost believable – it actually looks like a car.
With Weapon Attached
            I think the car mode really looks nice and it can really roll smoothly. Kibbles are surprisingly minimal, in fact, even when you look underneath the car, the kibbles are still minimal. To have the sword/ rotor stored underneath the car the way it did is just creative.
            When needed, you can even install the gun onto the top of the car as an extra weapon.
            This car mode is absolutely fantastic and I really do love the way how the helicopter parts are concealed well – hidden in plain sight. It’s definitely my favorite among the two vehicle modes.

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode looks pretty darn awesome. Unlike the previously released Blitzwing, Springer doesn’t only look good, he is a wonderful robot! He’s perfectly proportioned.
Nice Light-Piping
            The head sculpt is wonderful – that’s Springer alright, there is no mistaking that.
            Just like the old G1 action figure, Springer tends to show more yellow, as compared to his animation counterpart, namely at the chest and shoulders.
            I really enjoyed his transformations, and I feel that as if each folding of the panels is meant to do something. I particularly like how Springer’s arms are formed – now that is intuitive.
Kame Hame Hah! -- Oops, wrong show...
            Articulation-wise, Springer shines! His head is on a ball joint, which means he can look at all directions without any hindrance. The shoulders are not solely on ball joints, but rather a cylindrical piece with hinges on one end and ball joints on the other, and that will allow all range of motions. 
            However, due to the placement of the shoulder panels, and how they are extended, they can get in the way of certain poses and movements, as shown in the photos. Although the panels can move away to prevent any hindrances, you will end up with a robot with a funny-looking shoulder pads. One other way, is to not have those panels extended out in the first place – just leave it as it was in car mode, but of course, you will end up with a little bit less oomph in robot mode.
Shoulder pads banging onto one another
View from the back
            The elbows are on deliciously-tight ratchet-joints and the wrists rotate. The entire arms rotate at the elbows as well. Quite amazingly, Springer comes with the coveted waist-joint – always a welcome. The hips are on universal joints that allows him all range of motions. The back flap may hinder some movements, but it’s really minimal. Plus, I don’t think his legs needed to bend so far back. The legs rotate slightly below the hips.
            The same delicious-ratcheted joints are also utilized on the knee joints. I do wish that Springer would’ve had foot swivels, but I guessed that I was probably asking for too much. Still, that would’ve made an already-great action figure perfect!

Rider Kick!!! Oh darn it, wrong show again...
            Although the both feet already have a green piece that acts as heels, you can also use the wings at the back of the legs for extra support for some adventurous poses.
Size Comparison with Generations Voyager Blitzwing
            The variety of poses you can do with Springer is just so satisfying, and I guarantee that you’ll have a wonderful time with him.

            Yes, I do love this version of Springer, and by far, this has got to be the best Springer ever made, regardless if you consider the 3rd Party products, his G1 predecessors, or even his other reincarnations.
            The helicopter mode might be rather weak, but the armored car and robot modes more than makes up for it.
            This is a definite must for all Springer fans out there.
            Highly Recommended.

Rating – 8.5/10


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  1. The green fin parts in helicopter mode is supposed to connect to the flaps covering the front wheels, not tucked behind like in your photos. Of course, it might be your preference to do so :P Anyway, I love this robot!