Transformers Review: Sandstorm (Generations Voyager)

            Welcome back folks, to another Transformers Review. Today, we will be reviewing Sandstorm. Now, I have to admit, I’m not really familiar with the character itself.
            As far as I knew, he was a member of the Wreckers, along with fellow Autobot Triple Changers Springer and Broadside. He also appeared in a Season 3 G1 episode alongside Decepticon Octane.
            Back in G1, Sandstorm transformed into a helicopter and dune buggy. Unlike G1 Springer though, he had a more convincing transformation mode.
            I have to admit, it never crossed my mind that I was ever going to get this Generations Voyager-class Sandstorm. I had only planned on getting Springer and Blitzwing. Then, after having both of them, I began bumping onto a lot of Sandstorm photos on the web, and surprisingly, it began to grow on me.
            Then finally, at long last, I decided to get him.  

Tiltrotor Mode:
            For the first time, I actually found out what a friggin tiltrotor is – or rather, what this type of vehicle supposed to be called. All my life, I’ve been calling this contraption a twin-rotor helicopter.
            So who says Transformers collecting can’t be educational?
            Anyways, Sandstorm actually shares the same body template as Springer, which is a good thing, considering how good that Springer figure really is. Having said that, the good is that this is not a mere repaint!

Springer and Sandstorm Armed With Their Blasters
            The Springer mould actually went through a lot of retooling, up to a point that it almost feels like a new mould. Thus, I can’t help it but to do comparisons between both modes.
            The result? I love the tiltrotor mode way better than Springer’s helicopter. Unlike Springer, Sandstorm’s hands can actually lock in properly, thus making it a very solid figure.
            As far as this mode is concerned, it’s a 100% improvement from the Springer mould.

Dune Buggy Mode:
            If you remember my earlier review of Springer, I’ve mentioned that I absolutely love the car mode.
            It’s so surprising how much differences several retooling of the same mould could do. Comparing Springer’s car mode with Sandstorm’s dune buggy mode, while there are numerous similarities, the two figures are stark contrast of one another, not just in its overall presentation, but its entire aura as well. The result is nothing short of wonderful.
Armed With A Blaster
            While Springer’s car mode fits the profile of being slick and fast; Sandstorm’s dune buggy just seems more fierce and deadly. It oozes power, akin to a muscle car. The colors – orange and yellow – fit him well.
            While I do love the dune buggy mode, it’s not entirely perfect. The orange piece of plastic that was the tailfin of the tiltrotor, which is now the window armors, doesn’t lock in properly. In short, it’s just a simple piece of plastic resting on the roof of the car. I wish that they could’ve done something to lock it down.
Springer and Sandstorm
            Apart from that, he’s perfect. I dare say, Sandstorm’s dune buggy mode does indeed have a lot more zing to it compared to Springer’s.

Robot Mode:
Official Mode
            There are actually 2 different looks to the robot – the official look and an unofficial look – it mostly depends on your very own preferences.

            The official mode depicts the backpack angling backwards and leaving the orange panel sticking at the back of the robot like an eyesore.
Unofficial Mode

            Another way, which is my own unofficial way, is to have both wings spread outward and then flip the orange piece down, and just leave it hanging at the back. For some reason, I prefer this mode to the official mode, although at the expense of the shoulder articulations.
Light Piping Works Like A Charm
            Anyways, for the sake of this review, I will focus on the official mode.
            Due to the retooling, Sandstorm looks drastically different from Springer. Sandstorm looks grittier and tougher in so many ways.
Sandstorm and Springer
            Articulation-wise, he has the same set of articulations as Springer. Ball-jointed head; shoulders that has all range of motions; ratcheting elbows and knees; arms rotate at the elbows; rotating wrists and waist; hips on universal joints; legs rotate slightly below the hips and that’s all.
            However, that doesn’t mean that Sandstorm’s perfect and that he could do everything that Springer could.
            For one, the ball joint at the head is too loose for my liking. In most cases, the head tends to droop down too easily, making posing very difficult to do. Due to the huge backpack, Sandstorm has problem trying to stand up! So, while Springer could still do some very adventurous poses, including the one-legged stance, Sandstorm can’t.
            However, as far as the waist and hip joints are concerned, they are actually very tight.
            Another is his shoulders. Due to its current design, unlike Springer’s, the shoulders actually have more lee ways to move as compared to Springer. 

            Sandstorm is a good retooled figure. It felt like a new mould, but it’s not without its flaws. While almost all of his articulations points are similar to Springer, due to its backpack design, causes Sandstorm to be rather back-heavy, thus limiting his overall poses.
            I’m not saying that it’s a bad action figure – it’s rather good – just not perfect. In terms of overall look, Sandstorm looks awesome. Still, I would recommend this figure to all Transformers fans, and especially fans of Triple Changers. Moreover, the other 2 vehicular modes more than makes up for his lacking in aesthetics.
Rating – 8/10

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