Marvel Review – Colossus (Marvel Universe)

            Colossus – I love that name, and I love that character even more! Colossus has always been my favorite X-Men, apart from Wolverine. Piotr Rasputin, as he is known since birth, epitomes the term gentle giant – he’s shy, quiet and innocent.
He’s a big guy, for a human, standing at about 200cm tall. Raised in the farmlands of Russia, he was recruited by Professor Charles Xavier.
            He has consistently been a part of the X-Men and has always been its strongest member – the powerhouse of the team. Though initially billed as having a base strength of lifting 70 tons, which effectively puts him in the same bracket as Joe Fixit a.k.a. the Grey Hulk, his strength level have been significantly increased to 100 tons, which effectively puts him in the same bracket as the other Marvel powerhouses such as Juggernaut, Thor, Silver Surfer and Hulk.
            In the most recent comic continuity, Colossus was bestowed the powers of Juggernaut by the Cyttorak, which made him an even powerful being.
            Some of my most memorable moments of the character were when he first battled Juggernaut with the rest of the X-Men; Colossus sacrificing his life in order to provide a cure for the legacy virus; Colossus going toe-to-toe with the Worldbreaker Hulk and getting him arms bent for his effort; Colossus receiving the powers of the Juggernaut in order to stop Kuurth – a possessed Cain Marko; and of course, in the Ultimate series when Colossus rescued the sunken Kursk submarine.
            I really like the character. Maybe it has something to do with his ability to armor-up and be able to kick some @$$es. Sure, he ain’t the toughest of all, and most of the time and in most situations, we found him to indeed be the toughest.
            So, when I actually in avertedly came across this figure, designated Series 2, 013, at Toys “R” Us one day, I was one happy dude.
            One thing that’s easily noticeable about this figure is just how big it is. Although he’s not as big as the other big guy that I have (at the time of purchase) – Hulk, but he is definitely way bigger than other characters such as Ghost Rider or Psylocke.
            In other words, he is humanly big – proportionately human.
            He is clad in his classic red and yellow X-Men uniform.
            I like Colossus’s head sculpt, although it may not suit his characterization. He has his classic squared hair and judging from his facial expression, he’s not a happy man.

            The overall sculpting depicted him in metallic armor form is just tremendous. There are also certain parts of the metal that actually looks worn out, which is absolutely cool.
            Articulation-wise: The head can look up, down and around; the shoulders consists of two separate joints: the 1st joint, which is the inner joint consists of a hinge joint, and when it is combined with the 2nd joint – a swivel joint, they provide the shoulders with complete range of motions. The shoulder movements are hindered by his rubbery shoulder pad.
The elbows bend, wrists turn. Both of his hands are different, with his right being a fist and his left being an open palm.
            There’s also an abs-crunch joint and waist movement. The hips are on ball joints; the legs rotate slightly below the hips; the knees are on double joints; the feet tilt forward and backward, and rotate.
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            Articulations are all there, although some of it can be quite limited. Though not as big and bulky as Hulk, he is definitely muscular.
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            The Colossus set comes with several accessories – the most notable of these being the stand. As with the normal stand with the series, there are 2 pegs, which match the holes underneath the foot of the figure. I can’t say that the figure really needs the stand, as he can stand pretty solid on his own.
            Then there is the Top Secret HAMMER files, that contains a Superhuman Registration Act profile card; a piece of card containing the Fury Files Code (which can no longer be used); as well as the letter from FSB Trans Human Division Deputy Director, Arkady Egorov to Norman Osborn, concerning bringing back Colossus back to his native country of Russia.
            Overall, a nice set of accessories. 
            I love Colossus. Being my favorite X-Men character, I try to be objective in its review. Overall, he looks fantastic, just as a Colossus figure should be. If only some of his shoulders articulations aren’t so limited, he would’ve gotten full marks.

            Final verdict, 9.5/10.

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