Transformers Review: Captimus Prime (Capbots)

            Along the years, I’ve bought a variety of Transformers with unconventional alternate modes, i.e. a toaster (ROTF Eject), a laptop (Device-label Broadblast), a working computer mouse (Device-label Trypticon), a Nike shoe (Sports-label Optimus Prime) and many more.
            The latest of these that I’ve gotten, of all things, is a baseball cap. Yep, you heard it right, a baseball cap.
            When I first heard about the release of Captimus Prime (an obvious pun of Optimus Prime), I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Then I remember the Sports-label Optimus Prime – and so Captimus is the second most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard about.
            For those not in the know, New Era Cap Company is an American headwear manufacturer based in Buffalo, New York, who manufactures and markets official baseball caps by numerous baseball teams from the US, Korea, Japan and Australia.
            At some point, Takara-Tomy stroked a deal with New Era and decided to do this. With no official toy line name, which I assume means it’s going to be a one-shot thingy, there has so far been two releases: a red cap called Captimus Prime, and a black cap called Capticon. They are both essentially repaints of each other, with only a slight retooling to the head sculpt. While Captimus Prime is an obvious tribute to Optimus Prime, Capticon isn’t really that obvious. He doesn’t have the slightest resemblance to Megatron.
           Anyways, since I am a sucker for any Optimus Prime figures, I thought I might as well as give this guy a shot.

Alternate Mode:
            Officially, it says that Captimus transforms into a 59Fifty cap – whatever that is. To me, it’s just a cap.
            The cap itself is kinda neat looking. It feels solid. Apart from the Autobots logo in the front and back of the cap, there is also a New Era sticker on the front topside of the visor.
            Predominantly red and blue, the underside of the cap does reveal some robot parts.
            I doubt any Transformers figures in your collections can wear Captimus as a cap – it’s just too big for any Transformers head. Unless of course if you have Fortress Maximus – maybe. I don’t have Fort Max, but those of you out there, if you have Fort Max, can you please try it out and let us know here.
            Thank you in advance.
            Anyways, overall, it’s a rather neat, yet unconventional alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
            The transformation for this figure is kinda unique; it integrates the ever-so-popular Automorph function into it.
            By pressing the button on the top of the cap, the entire figure opens up to reveal the robot inside. All that’s left to do is to rearrange the hands, feet and also the back flap.
            I really like the head sculpt. It looks like Optimus Prime is wearing a cap and looks like some baseball or football coach.
From left: United Bumblebee, Captimus Prime & Disney-label Buzz Lightyear
            Due to the shape of the legs, which kind of make him looks like a duck, some fans may need a little getting used to them.
            For such a tiny figure, his articulations are quite good: the head is on a double-hinge and a ball joint; the shoulders, elbows and hips are on ball joints as well; the knees bend: and finally, the ankles are on a combination of ball joint and hinge.
            I like the little guy. Good articulations, though nothing fancy. Good paint apps and a nice sculpt overall.

            He is definitely one of the more unique Transformers figures that I got and I really like ‘em. He’s probably not for every fans, but if you are type of fans who like strange and unconventional stuff, and it doesn’t get more unconventional than this.

            Final verdict: 8.5/10. 

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