Transformers Review: Wheeljack (Alternators)

            One of my biggest regrets in the Alternators/ Binaltech line was that I didn’t get Grimlock when I had the chance. It was back in 2005/6 when I first came across the Binaltech version of Grimlock. He was very expensive and I didn’t have the cash, so I can’t really do anything about it, can I?
            I was banking on my slim chance on coming across an Alternators version of Grimlock, but I never had that privilege.
Then in 2006/2007, I finally came across the mould – in the form of Wheeljack. Having missed out on Grimlock, I wasn’t about to let this guy go.
Wheeljack was one of the major characters back in the G1 era. He was the Autobot’s resident Mechanical Engineer (read Mad Scientist) that the team could always count upon when in need.
            Among his greatest creations were the Dinobots, and was the co-creator of the Aerialbots. However, as the series progressed, Wheeljack’s job scope was slowly taken over by Perceptor, and eventually, when the events of the 1986 movie came to pass, he was one of the many Autobots casualties in the battle of the Autobot’s base on Earth.
            It was a sad end to an awesome character, and such a shame it was, but it was inevitable since HasTak really needed to introduce new characters and figures into the line.
            So without further ado, let’s go straight to the reviews.

Alternate Mode:
            Wheeljack transforms in the ever-so-popular Ford Mustang GT. It is probably one of the more famous muscle cars to the Asian public. 
            Apart from the Dodge Ram SRT-10, a.k.a. Optimus Prime/ Nemesis Prime, this mould is probably the next most imposing vehicle mode in the entire Alternators/ Binaltech lines. 
            Everything about this vehicle oozes power and masculinity – the spotlights, the hood, the mustang insignia up front, the overall aerodynamics of the car, absolutely everything. 
            Wheeljack’s mould probably has one of the best undercarriage in the entire line – the kibbles are virtually non-existence, save for the minimal exposure of the fists. Another cool feature is that Wheeljack’s sword is also stored underneath, which is very creative of the designers.
            As usual, the doors and trunk open up, and the hood open up to reveal the engine underneath.
           There are also the words MUSTANG and GT on both sides of the car, as well as the GT symbol on the trunk. 
            He also bore a typical Autobot license plate, with the word WHLJCK, which is the short form of Wheeljack.
            One drawback of this figure is the spoilers, which is a bit slanted. 
            The interior is also incredibly detailed.
            My only complaint for this figure is probably the doors. Maybe it’s just mine, but the doors detach way too easily, and I always find myself having to reattach the doors during transformations. Sometimes, when I get too pissed, I just leave ‘em completely off.
            Anyways, it’s still a cool vehicle mode.

Robot Mode:
            After a not-too-complicated transformation process, you’ll with one heck of a good-looking robot.
            As a robot, he is absolutely imposing, almost as imposing as Nemesis/ Optimus Prime, but minus the cons. His movements are not too restricted or limited. 
            Articulations-wise: the head, the elbow and hips are on ball joints; the shoulders move outwards; the elbows’ ball joints themselves are on joints that allows in and outwards motions; standards fingers movements for an Alternator;  the waist rotates; the knees bend; and finally the ankles swing from side to side. 
            The engine block itself can be taken out and transformed into a double-barrel blaster. Wheeljack also wields a blue-colored dagger, as I like to call it – it’s just too short to be a darn sword. 
            The head sculpt is a winner here. That in itself is a winner for this figure. If there is any question on the identity of this character, that’s your answer right there.
            Fantastic robot mode.

            So after having bought Wheeljack for the wrong reason, i.e. as a substitute for Grimlock, this Wheeljack figure has clearly proven me wrong.
            It’s a fantastic figure in its own right, and I am really glad to have not missed out on this figure.
            The figure itself won’t be that easy to come by nowadays, but if you do come across him somehow, go out and grab him.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/10.

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