Misc Review: Air Gun (Enlighten)


            Toy building blocks have been a longtime favorite. Major brands such as LEGO, Mega Blocks and KREO have been very popular with the general public.
            Now, there’s a new brand in town that hails straight from the Great Wall of China – Enlighten. So far, there have been several sets issued such as boat sets.
            One in particular that really caught my attention is the Air Gun.

            The package contains one instruction manual and 167 pieces, which are packed into 4 separate bags.

The Set:
            One thing that you will notice about the Air Gun is how realistic it looks like – from the coloring, all the way to its life-like size.

            The best part is that it shoots too! The set comes with 9 bullets or pellets: 6 of which are stored in the firing compartment up front, while the other 3 are stored at the back.
            The shots made are kinda crap, although I bet that can easily be overcome with a stronger set of springs. 
This is definitely a good set for any possible Enlighten fans to begin with. You’d probably never get anything like this from those other leading brands due to restricted laws in the US of A. So this would probably the best options for any of you who had ever wished to have realistic toy gun.
Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/10.

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