Transformers Review – Demolisher (ROTF Voyager)

            This is one review that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time, but only got to it now.
            Demolisher was one of the figures that I won in a contest I entered (organized by Munchy’s), running up to the premiere of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, back in 2009. (For the umpteenth time, thank you Munchy’s)
            Demolisher’s screen time, though relatively short, was quite memorable. It was at the beginning of the movie where a chase ensued in Shanghai city center, which wrecked a huge part of the city. Demolisher was quite large in size, almost to the size of a combiner, and it took a combined effort of several Autobots to take him down.
            That can only mean that he may as well be the biggest individual Transformers in the Movie-verse thus far.
            So anyways, without further ado, let’s get down to our reviewing business.

Alternate Mode:
Just in case if you haven’t watched the second movie (shame on you), Demolisher transforms into a red-colored excavator. 
Although in the movie, Demolisher was depicted as this really huge monstrosity on a vehicle, in real life, he’s rather… diminutive. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, but I kinda think that it should’ve been a Leader-class figure instead? He’d probably had been a Leader-class already if it would’ve had a longer screen time.
Ladders on the sides
Anyways, the excavator mode is incredibly detailed. There are two ladders on both sides of the vehicle – one leading up to the cockpit, while the other leads up to the top of the vehicle.
There’re also other molded in details such as the numerous cylinders on top of the vehicle, gears and screw, and also the rubber threads. 
The MEch-Alive Gimmick
The colors are just nice; especially the shovel looking worn out; and also shade of blackness along the excavator arm, depicting greasiness.
It’s absolutely fantastic.
My only complaint would be the two dangling pieces at the back of the excavator, which kinda looks out of place and serves no purpose in vehicle mode whatsoever.
Another one would probably be the head of robot being exposed underneath the excavator.

Robot Mode:
             I have to admit, the robot mode is kinda odd. Yes, it looked damn good on the big screen, but when it comes to action figures; it may not be pose-friendly.
            The two tank threads now transforms into 2 huge wheels – one at the bottom, while the other is on top. This means that this figure can’t stand up on its own, without using the arms to assist him.
            However, if you remember from the movies, Demolisher moves either by using only 1 wheel as a unicycle, or both by circulating the wheels from top to bottom.
            While the size itself is deliciously big, he is hollow and he really doesn’t do that much.
            For its gimmick – the Mech-Alive – when you bend the arms at the elbows, there is a gear in each biceps that would move. The gimmick is kinda lame, but heck, whatever.
            Articulation-wise: the arachnid-looking head can’t at all; the shoulders rotate on ratcheting joints; there is also another shoulder connection that allow the arms to swing forward, and another joint further front that offers the same thing; then the outermost ratcheting shoulder joints allow sideways movements; the elbows bend; the hands (shovel) swings; and finally the wheels roll, that’s about it.
            As you can see, there are very limited articulations for this figure, and it is clearly meant as a display piece.
            It would probably a good idea if HasTak would’ve provided a display stand along, at least there would’ve been a lot more use for all the available articulations.

            To be honest, this figure is a mixed baggage for me. It’s a nice looking figure, and for a character that had only about 5 minutes of screen time, he’s quite memorable. The figure itself looks real good and paint application, although differed from its on-screen depiction, suits the figure quite well.
            However, due to the designs of the figure itself, its pose-ability is heavily restricted, and it wouldn’t helped a lot if there were some sort of a stand provided in the set.

            Final verdict: 7/10.

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