Toy Hunters on Travel Channel - S01E02

Hello Cybertronians!!!

If you remember several weeks ago, I have featured the Toy Hunter series here at New Planet Cybertron, courtesy of YouTuber HollywoodTreasures2. And since I have featured the first episode before here, I thought I might as well feature the second episode.

What's unique about this episode is that it features quite a number of TRANSFORMERS-related items and figures. Fellow Cybertronians, you will probably enjoy this episode more than you did the first episode.

For TransFans, you'd probably wanna take note of the 06.40, 16.44 and 18.40 minutes. You'll probably love it.

Do subscribe to HollywoodTreasures2, they have lotsa cool stuffs there for you to feast your eyes upon.




  1. Nice! I watched the first episode :)
    Am downloading this one...hehehe...then will watch!

    1. Yeah... please do, it's definitely an eye-opener for us collectors...