Transformers Review: Shockwave (FOC Deluxe)

            The Generations line, in my opinion, have been one of the best Transformers lines in recent memory, designed with G1 fans in mind, to present old characters, infused with new technology and transformations. Characters like Kup, Scourge and Wheeljack finally received the treatment that they deserve in this line.
            The line also encompassed the then-recently released video game – War for Cybertron, by releasing some game-exclusive character designs such as Soundwave, Optimus and Bumblebee.
            Now, since we are on the verge on the release of the game sequel – Fall of Cybertron, it was inevitable that some action figures would have to come out of it, and what better line to choose from than Generations.
            I had been wondering for quite some time about the fate of the Generations line, and I guess now, we all have the answer.
            The first Wave 1 release features Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Shockwave, with Shockwave being the star of the review today.
            Shockwave have always been one of my most favorite Decepticons after Megatron. While Megatron sometimes let his feelings or inner spark get into his decision-making, Shockwave acts and reacts based on pure logic alone. Whatever decision he makes, he definitely has no qualms on executing them. 
            Of course, the original G1 animated series made a boo-boo of the character by making Shockwave nothing more than a loyal puppet-servant of the tyrant Megatron. Obviously, I still prefer the comics and subsequent depictions of him.
            I guess that sort of characterization really suits Shockwave physical appearance. I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about a one-eyed villain that kinda makes you shiver. Just take a look at Shockwave for a bit longer – the emotionless face with that glowing red dot looking straight at you, as if looking straight through you like you were not there – you might as well be if he ever decides by logic that you’re worthless.
            So yeah, I love Shockwave, so there was never a doubt that I was going to get this figure.

Alternate Mode:
            The alternate mode isn’t exactly spectacular. I loved the G1 gun mode, and have been trying to hunt one down for as long as I could remember. It’s just typical for HasTak to make sense of the alternate modes that they chose for their characters. If it only vaguely resembles the things they are supposed to be, just as the word “Cybertronian” in front of the alternate modes.
            Problem solved.
            In this case, Shockwave supposed to be a Cybertronian Mobile Artillery mode, whatever that is. The way I see it, Shockwave could either be some sort of a spacecraft, or a humongous blaster that could possibly be wielded by a big enough gestalt. 
            I do however like the idea on how the blaster is used as an integral part of the alternate mode, rather than just some accessories.
            Overall, a good alternate mode, but not spectacular.

Robot Mode:
            I just love the way this robot looks. He has all of the elements of G1 Shockwave – the head, the chest, the colors and the humongous blaster that he’s carrying around. 
            He is unmistakably Shockwave. 
            He’s very slim and slick, but if you ever judge his strength simply by the way he looks, then you’re making a big mistake. 
Blaster can either be wielded or stored at the back
            I really like the lining details that Shockwave exhibits in this mode, particularly on the chest and the backpack, as well as the exposed spine at the small of his back – it is all these small details that make this figure truly wonderful.
            Articulation-wise: the head rotates 360°; the inner shoulders rotate, while the outer shoulders are hinged; elbows and hips are on ball joints; the knees rotate and bend; and finally the toe pieces tilt downward and back up. 
Having a blast?
            As mentioned before, Shockwave comes with a blaster, which consists of the blaster itself and a triple-gun barrel. The thing about the gun barrel is that it doesn’t lock it place, rather it’s just inserted on. So, you may find that the barrel can be a bit loose, that the barrel may drop off when you leave the gun barrel-facing-down for too long. 
From left: DOTM Shockwave, FOC Shockwave and Animated Shockwave
            The joints are pretty tight and excellent for various poses. I just couldn’t resist to put Shockwave in a pose, mimicking the famous G1 comic cover which features G1 Shockwave, with the words Are All Dead carved onto the wall on the background.
All Are Dead
            Like I said, I love Shockwave. This was one of those purchases that I really had to make. I’m not sure about how significant a roll Shockwave will be playing in the Fall of Cybertron game, but if appearing on the very first wave have anything to say about it, then probably yeah.

            Final verdict: 8/10.

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