Transformers Review: Megatron (Masterpiece)


2004 was the year that the kid in me was resurrected. It was the year that I officially began to realize my childhood dreams of collecting Transformers. However, having started rather late, it means that I have missed on a lot of things before, in particularly – the Generation 1. For most children of the 80’s, the G1 version of the Transformers have been firmly implanted into our brains, and no matter how many subsequent series or movie lines that follow, there was nothing like G1.
Then Takara-Tomy began to release the Encore line, which were literally the re-release versions of the original G1 figures!!! The first one I grabbed was Megatron. It was one of the only characters that I couldn’t find a knockoff version of. So when I got him, I told myself, I won’t be getting the Masterpiece version of it because it was just too darn expensive!!! I was quite contempt, or so I thought.
When I gotten myself the 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime DVD version, I was beginning to have second thoughts. You see, I like to take photos of my “Family”, especially by pairing them with their respective opposites. And the more I pit the large Optimus against tiny Megs, the more I contemplated to get Masterpiece Megs. So finally, after seeing Masterpiece Megs on Teencom’s shelf for so long, and how it has begun to grow on me ever since, I decided to get him, at a discount price, although even that is still quite a fortune! So finally, the perfect sparring partner for my Optimus Prime was finally in the bag. So, is Megs worth the money I paid him for, or was he better off being on the shelf? Is he as good as Masterpiece/ 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime, which in my book, the best Prime ever, the best figure ever, and also the best designed Optimus Prime among the various incarnations of the Optimus throughout history?
Well, that’s quite a benchmark. So the following is a low-down of Masterpiece Megatron.
The Package:
The box itself is stylish. It’s all-black with reflective qualities. I especially like the picture portion where they lay the gun-mode on a piece of red-cloth, which kinda made it looked like some exquisite stuff (just for the record, it is).

Robot Mode:
Megatron comes in robot mode. Although he is recognizable as the legendary G1 Megatron, to me he doesn’t exactly look like the Megatron from the show. Sure, it is the most show accurate version out there, and compare to the original Megatron, this guy is 150% better, but there’s just something not right between the physical version and the G1 version, perhaps it’s the legs? Still, it’s only a small problem. With the design, I guess this is the best that technology allows us to achieve. 
            Anyway, overall the robot mode is a sight to behold. Waist-up, it is very show-accurate and the fusion cannon looks menacing and imposing, just as it should. Waist-down, that is where it falters slightly. Still I considered it as the best effort possible to incorporate it with the gun-handle design. 
Masterpiece Optimus Prime vs Megatron
Masterpiece Megatron vs Masterpiece Starscream
            The paint job is excellent and I have to say, on-par with the quality shown by Optimus Prime. Balancing him with the fusion cannon is quite a chore, especially if you want him to do adventurous poses. The size of the cannon just made it quite difficult to balance. If only the legs were designed better... Anyways, if you can ignore that problem, then I guess this is the perfect Megatron ever.
The Transformation:
Previously, I have ridiculed many fans who have claimed that this figure to be the most difficult figure to transform, and now, I finally believed them!!! The darn thing took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to transform from bot to gun the first time around! It is quite a chore. Some fans hated it, but I actually like it that way. I am of the opinion that the more expensive the figure, the more difficult it should be. I like the fact that transformers act like a puzzle of sorts, and I’m glad that it is difficult. I actually enjoyed it although it does get quite frustrating at times. So like I said, if you’re like me, you’ll love his transformation, otherwise, you’d probably despise this figure.
Just for the record, after owning this figure for almost 4 years, I’ve recently managed to notch my personal best record of 15minutes, transforming Megatron from robot to gun mode.
Well, I guess practice does make perfect.

Alternate Mode:
After a good struggle (and a few good scares to boot), you would eventually arrive at one beautifully designed gun. Ignoring the fact that it is humongous, it’s as realistic as a toy gun can be. As impressive as the gun may be, there are at least three aspects of the gun that could be improved.

1.      The trigger should contain accompanying gimmicks, either as the original G1 figure, or at least with the clicking effect of Classic Megatron, or some sort of a sound gimmicks. Still, considering the designs, it’s quite understandable, although it would’ve been even cooler if they could somehow squeeze in one or two trigger gimmicks.

2.      The gun should have come with a working scope, rather than with one that contains LED. I think the designers sort of wanting to imitate an aiming laser sight. If that was the case, then they should have done better with the scope than having some really annoying lighting coming out of it which serves absolutely no purpose at all. If they couldn’t design the scope with the laser sight due to some stupid regulations, then I think they should have stuck with a simple working scope.

3.      Lastly, WHERE ARE THE ARM-REST & SILENCER?! Of all other accessories essential to the gun apart from the scope would’ve been the arm-rest and silencer – they are part and parcel of Megatron itself, even though they tend to perform a Houdini, just like Prime’s trailer always does in the animation series. Initially, I did think that Takara-Tomy was planning to re-do what they did with MP1 & MP4, and comes out with MP6, complete with silencer and arm-rest. Since that didn’t happen, a third party manufacturer called Justitoys actually came up with the MP-05 Perfect Edition Accessories Kit. You might wanna check that out if you have the chance.
Still, when all is said and done, the gun itself is worthy to be called a Masterpiece. Though it’s a tat too big, and would fit quite nicely in the hands of Paul “The Big Show” Wight, it is quite beautiful and very nicely detailed.
Masterpiece Megatron vs Encore G1 Megatron -- Gun Mode
The most notable accessories in the set would definitely be the fusion cannon scope. I have heard certain were complaining as to the size of the contraption, however, I am of the opinion that the size is spot on. True, the size may cause imbalance in the figure, however without it, Megatron would probably look like Skeletor without his staff!!! I won’t go into detail as to the gimmicks since I have mentioned them earlier on.
Then there is the purple flail and sword, which is quite good. I like the details, and although they have not appeared in the animated series often, it’s a good addition.
The additional gun that Megatron used to kill off Optimus Prime in the 1986 movie also makes an appearance here. In reality, why do Megatron need another gun anyway since he already got that huge mother-of-a-canon on his arm?! Still, considering the nostalgia of the piece, it’s definitely a welcoming edition.
Megatron Killing Optimus Prime
             Finally, last but not least, the tiny rascal Kremzeek! This little guy can inflict more damage than some transformers can. Although this guy only appears in 1 episode, it’s really good to actually see the guy in real flesh.

            Yes, many may complain about the sheer complexity of transforming Megatron, while some may complain about the top-heaviness of the figure and the awkward lower body designs, but who cares! Despite all those minor complaints, this is indeed the best Megatron ever, quite a worthy sparring partner for my DVD/ Masterpiece Prime.
Just as how Optimus Prime will always be remembered as the red truck, Megatron too will always be remembered as ­the Walther P38 gun, despite all of his numerous reincarnations, thus completely justifies his inclusion into the Masterpiece series, which I regard and nicknamed as the Transformers Walk of Fame series.
            Anyway, Megatron may cost you quite a fortune, and it could easily cost you way over RM 400 ~ RM 500. Fortunately I got mine for RM350, which was quite a bargain. But if you’re like me, you won’t ever regret it.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10.


  1. Peace through tyranny. The best G1 so far.


  2. Great review marred by the constant complaints about the cost in the beginning. I wondered if you would bring it up to end each paragraph and, of course, you ended the review with it.