Transformers Review: Soundwave (Generations Deluxe)

            After the end of the Headmaster series, the name Soundwave was lost to the annals of history. However, for a brief period during the Beast Wars series, the name Soundwave did appear, although he was totally unrelated to his G1 predecessor. Transforming from a bat to an alligator, and vice versa, he was not a major character in the series, only appearing in IDW Publishing comics.
            Then there was the Cybertron/ Galaxy Force series, where its version of Soundwave, for the first time in history, was featured with an airborne vehicle.
            In 2007, Takara released the Music Label line and its very first figure featured Soundwave as a working MP3 player, which is kinda near.
            In 2009, there was the Revenge of the Fallen, in which that version’s Soundwave was again depicted as an airborne craft, albeit an alien-like satellite.
            Later in that year, for the first time ever, Soundwave was depicted as a land-based vehicle in the Animated series.
            Then finally in 2010, as the Generations series rolled in, the character Soundwave was again picked and now, his designs were based on the War for Cybertron video game.
            So being one of the most iconic characters in the Transformers franchise, it was only natural that yours truly would eventually get hold of him, but does he worth the catch? Let’s find out…

Alternate Mode:
            Soundwave transforms into a futuristic-looking Cybertronian truck, which in my opinion looks kinda awesome. 
            Maybe it’s just me, but Soundwave tends to remind me of warthogs. The reason is the large tusk-like thingy that stuck out on both sides of the truck.  
Does he look like a Warthog or what?
            The wheels themselves are quite detailed, which vaguely resembles the Beast Wars Predacons insignia… Then again, maybe that’s just me. 
Minimal Kibbles
            While the kibbles are minimal, you still make out part of the legs underneath the truck mode. The front windshield can be opened, which would reveal a couple of guns/ blasters within, obviously to be wielded in robot mode. However, these weapons can also be used in vehicle mode by attached them to both sides of the truck, as depicted in the photo below.

            I think this truck mode is kinda neat, and it really beats having him transforming into a street light pole anytime. Plus, it’s more convincing than the latter.

Robot Mode:
            The robot mode is fantastic – kinda like an amalgamation of Soundwave reincarnations in G1 and Cybertron/ Galaxy Force. I really like how they maintained some of the basic looks of his original G1 counterpart such as the chest piece, the guns and of course, the head sculpt.
            The head sculpt is quite nice, but based on the look of it, it is clear that it was intended to have light piping gimmick, but somehow, probably the idea was scrapped off at the last minute. 
Closed and Opened Chest
            Articulation-wise: head turns left and right, albeit limitedly due to the design (it would’ve been better if the head was on a ball joint, it would’ve given his articulations a whole new dimension), and because of this, Soundwave’s head tends to look downward often; shoulders are on ball joints; arms rotate slightly above the elbows; the elbows themselves, though not double-jointed, they do however bend likewise; ball-jointed hips and ankles; the legs rotate slightly below the hips; and finally, the knees bend. 
           Pretty good articulations, and you could really put him into many wonderful poses.
           Despite some gripes mentioned, overall, Soundwave’s articulations are kinda neat. The legs are incredibly big, thus giving him ample stabilization. 
Before and After Arrival on Earth
            Apart from the limited neck joint and the absence of waist and wrist joints; my other only complaints would be his minions – the Cassettebots, or rather lack thereof. It would’ve been great if he were to come with at least Laserbeak or Ravage.

            I like Generations Soundwave, and personally I think Hasbro managed to score another one through this marvelous release via the excellent Generations line. The Generations line has so far managed to release such marvelous figure yet again, and I really hope that they could continue making them.
            Soundwave is definitely a figure worth to pick up, if you are Transformers fan, even more so if you’re a Soundwave fan.
            Absolutely recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10.


  1. Found something to share. SW can switch to boombox mode. Unofficially a triple changer mode.


    1. Thanks... I've just seen it, and I kinda think that the "Third-mode" is kinda weak... I can see how they could possibly call this the "Cybertronian" Boombox... It's kinda cool that it's there, but weak nonetheless...

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