Transformers Review: Soundwave (Prime RiD Deluxe)

            With many original G1 characters received new breath of life in the Transformers Prime series, it was inevitable that Soundwave would receive the same treatment as well.
            In this incarnation, Soundwave is yet again characterized as a spy who is relatively loyal to Megatron. 
            The release of this figure had been quite low profile at best, personally I think it caught a lot of the fans by surprise.
            I was lucky enough to get my hands on him and am eager to find out how good this guy really is.

Alternate Mode:
            Soundwave, this time around, transforms into an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Based on information from Wikipedia, Soundwave’s alternate mode is actually a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper UAV, or also known as Predator B or Guardian
            The aircraft looks very slim indeed and I’m even surprised that this guy could transform. It is rather bluish-grey in color with a little bit of pink and black. 
            Soundwave do not have any wheels for landing – only having a knob underneath the cockpit as a landing gear. 
Soundwave minus Laserbeak
            Soundwave also comes with his most trusted minion – Laserbeak, whose robot mode is kinda lame really. 

            Altogether, a slightly above average alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
            Soundwave is skinny. There’re no other words for it, he’s just so darn thin! The arms themselves are so darn thin, and too lanky for my liking. 
            The designs of the legs are kinda awkward, which translate to slight issues to put him in different poses, or even just to stand him up.
            However, despite me starting off with a lot of complaints, he’s not all that bad. The head designs are really good. Despite of not having even the slightest element from his original face sculpt, the featureless face does definitely suit Soundwave’s character. No emotions at all, just what an emotionless spy should be. 
            Soundwave also evoke elements from a sub-line from decades ago – the Breastforce. Yes, you heard right. The previously mentioned Laserbeak actually forms the front part of Soundwave’s chest. The idea itself is really good, although as mentioned before, Laserbeak itself has a lot to be desired of. 
Prime RiD Soundwave with Generations Soundwave
            Articulation-wise: head is fixed; shoulders have all range of motions, although the Laserbeak the chest piece does kinda blocks some movements; two-points of elbows articulation and they also bend; there is also a hint of abs-crunch;  ball-jointed hips; legs rotate near the hips as well; and finally, the knees bend.
Soundwave with Laserbeak
            It’s pretty much up to you whether or not you like the robot mode. 

            Soundwave isn’t perfect; well, actually he’s pretty far from it. He’s actually pretty good looking, although the execution could’ve been better. It’s too thin, and too flimsy for my liking.
            Soundwave will probably never be everyone’s cup of tea, but he is definitely a must-get if you are a Soundwave-centric collector.

            Final verdict: 6.5/10.


  1. hi there Jerry! I think I like Soundwave!I love it as an aerial vehicle! looks cool!

    1. Maybe it's about time you get yourself your first ever Transformers figure, hehe...

  2. He looks like the Neon Genesis Evangelion and I can't figure out where the heck is Laserbeak's head is?

    Big Daddy V

  3. Doesn't he look a bit like the Neon Genesis Evangelion? And where the heck is Laserbeak's head?

    Big Daddy V

    1. My knowledge in Neon Genesis Evangelion is as good as none, but based from online photos, yes, I can see the resemblance... As far as Laserbeak's head, notice the small peg in front? Using your imagination, that's supposed to be his head... yeah, it's that bad...