Transformers Review: Frenzy and Rumble (United Scout)

            First of all, I have to admit, at this time of writing, apart from the previously review Music Label Frenzy and Rumble; I do not have any other versions of the figures. I wanted to get the original cassette version of the characters, but so far my searches haven’t brought me to them.       
            While I do have the 2007 Movie Fast Action Battlers Frenzy, I don’t really consider him to be the Frenzy of old. Then, when Takara-Tomy announced that they were releasing re-imagined versions of the G1 characters in the United line, I kept my fingers crossed, since I expected these guys to be imported into this country in limited quantities. 
            Early photos on the internet showed that the two characters have now been reformatted into tanks instead of mini-cassettes – a sign of evolution. They actually look good.
            So needless to say, I jumped at the first opportunity to get them. Alas, here I am with the review…

Alternate Mode:
            Normally, in the case of reviewing a two-figure set like this, I would separate them into either 2 reviews, or at least 2 sections. 
            In this case however, I decided not to, since the two figures are literally the same figures, colored differently. They share the same pros, as well as the same cons. 
            Now before we begin, let me clarify something, despite that in the original G1 series, Rumble was depicted as the blue one, Frenzy was the red one, the reversal is true. 
            Anyways, compared between the two, I prefer Rumble to Frenzy. The red and black combination on Rumble seems to make him look more menacing compared to Frenzy. However, that doesn’t mean in any way at all that Frenzy’s color scheme is any inferior. 
            The main gun turret rotates The main gun turret rotates 360°, and the front portion of the turret turns left and right. The two guns on the sides are on ball-jointed clip-on, so they have all range of motions.
            There are four wheels underneath that provide smooth motions, and the overall details of the figures are just wonderful.
Frenzy and Rumble going up (KAPOW) again (BABOOM) Warpath (ZING)
            The one major drawback for both of these moulds is obviously the side buttons that would release the spring-loaded pile-drivers (in robot mode) at the slightest of touch. This can be very irritating especially when you repeatedly tapped on the buttons accidentally. This is even worse when you are transforming both of the into their respective robot modes.
            Generally, they have pretty good looking tank modes.

Robot Mode:
From left: Frenzy and Rumble
            The robot modes, by some strange optical illusions, looks pretty much like the original cassette-bots, down to its cassette-esque chest. However, when viewing from the back, you could clearly make out the apparent tank kibbles.
            Between the two, I tend to have a soft spot for Frenzy, as this was the color of Rumble in the original series, which received the most airtime on the series.  
            Articulation-wise: head is on ball joint; shoulders are on hinged and ball joints that provide all around motions; the arms rotate slightly above the bendable elbows; the wrists tilt up and back down; ball-jointed hips and knees; and finally, the ankles flip forward, mainly due to transformations. 
            The figures themselves are kinda neat, although just like their tank modes, they aren’t devoid of flaws.
            The same apparent weakness in the tank modes is still prevalent here. Also, the shoulder pegs doesn’t really lock in all that well against the main body. Most often than not, the joints would dislodge that the arms will end up sagging. 
            Also, due to the size of the arms (as the result of its other gimmick), the movement of the arms can be a bit hindered.
            Another issue would be the hips joints, which are rather loose. Then again, it might only be an isolated quality issue with mine.

Pile-driver Mode:
            Pardon me for saying this, but I just got to say this, just for the sake of nostalgia…
            You wanna rumble with Rumble!!!
            Well, just in case if you don’t know, that’s exactly the same line that Rumble used to say in one of the G1 episodes.
            The pile driver mode doesn’t look exactly like the original G1 version, but it’s obvious enough. I think it’s kinda neat that they did them this way.
            The obvious problems here are again, the loose shoulder locks, and the oversensitive pile driver trigger. Also, as per official instructions, you are supposed to mount the two guns that used to be on his back, onto the top of both pile drivers. Honestly, I think they look kinda silly, and I would prefer them to stay just the way they were.
            Overall, they are a very accurate representation of the original G1 characters.

            I wish I could tell you that these figures are perfect, and I wished they were, but their flaws just irk me to no end. The oversensitive triggers can be quite irritating, not just when you are in the midst of transforming them, or just by fiddling with them.
            If the points were given just based on nostalgia, I would’ve given it a perfect 10, or at least a 9, but I have to be professional here.
            While he is definitely a must have for any collectors, the figures are just ain’t perfect.

            Final verdict: 7/10.

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