Transformers Review – Cryo Scourge (Cybertron Ultra)

            In the Galaxy Force series, the Transformers race were said to have inhabited various worlds throughout the universe, and the Transformers of these worlds were led by a Convoy; i.e. Cybertron by Galaxy Convoy, Earth (Live Convoy), Speedia (Nitro Convoy), Gigalonia (Megalo Convoy) and Animatros (Flame Convoy). There were certain attributes of these Transformers that connect them to their home world.
            The Transformers on Speedia, for example, all have alternate modes that have elements of speed or racing; while those from Gigalonia were either extremely huge or extremely diminutive, and came with alternate modes that were associated with constructions.
            On Animatros, all Transformers there chose to have beast modes as alternate mode, and their leader, Flame Convoy is their most fearsome leader. In the Japanese fiction, he isn’t exactly evil, even though he did align himself with the Decepticons for the major part of the series. In the Japanese series, he was portrayed to be a type of leader that has his own specific code of honor – the survival of the fittest and only the strongest should rule.
            Flame Convoy, or Scourge in the American fiction, transforms into a land-based fire breathing dragon in the Takara release. In the US, Hasbro decided to release an ice-based dragon instead – Cryo Scourge – citing a mutation as a cause.
            While the name sounds okay, I would’ve preferred if the name would’ve been Blizzard Convoy, or even Cryo Convoy. It would’ve sound cooler.
            But then again, it might just be me. Anyways, rather than continue on rambling, I might as well get on with the review, and also seeing as how 2012 is the year of the Dragon (based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar), it’s only apt that we review Cryo Scourge.

Alternate Mode:
           Now, in case you haven’t noticed by now, Cryo Scourge transforms into a humongous ice-based land dragon. So instead of spewing fires, I reckoned he should be breathing out freeze wave to freeze everything in sight – neat power to have.
            Being an Ultra-class figure means he has some bulks to show. From head to the tip of his tail, he’s about 14-inches long. 
            His head sculpt is neat, and all those pent-up anger and rage clearly shows. 
            Articulation-wise: the lower jaw opens and closes; the head displays minor nodding movements; the shoulders ratchets 360°; front knees are on ratcheting joints as well; the front claws flip down and back up; the hips ratchets 360° as well; the back knees ratchets; the ankles are on ratcheting hinges and rotate as well; and finally the lower half of the tail can move up and down, albeit very tightly.
            Inserting the Cyber Planet Key would unleash 2 more smaller heads, which I assumed with spew freeze wave too, and as how they spew fire while he was Flame Convoy.
            I wouldn’t say that this mode is fantastic, but I have to say that it is quite unique.

Robot Mode:
            In robot mode, Cryo Scourge looks regal, almost perfect for a Decepticon leader. The wide shoulders and seemingly muscular upper body made him look pretty strong. I reckon you wouldn’t want to mess with this dude. 
            His head sculpt is very nice as well. I really like the fanged-look of him. 
            As with most beast-based Transformers, transformations are a bit lame, and are extremely straight forward. 
            Articulation-wise: the head can lift up and back down, and also turn 360°, albeit tightly; the shoulders rotate 360° and also flip backward; the elbows rotate and are also equipped with ratcheting bending joints; the hips are on ratcheting rotational joints; ratcheting knees and ankles; and also the ankles rotate as well. Articulation kinda sucks a lot, and the worse part, for me at least, is its wrists articulation, or rather lack thereof. The lack of that particular joint, along with the lack of ball-jointed hips really hurt the figure.
            Again, by inserting the Cyber Planet Key, you will have the same gimmick that you have in his beast mode. By the way, his Cyber Planet Key is your normal Jungle Planet key, nothing to shout about. 
            Apart from being huge (approx. 7 ¾-inches tall and wingspan of about 9 ½-inches), the only other saving grace for this figure is its regal look. Apart from that, I think that they at least could’ve done better execution with this figure.
            I really wish that, for the sake of the year of the Dragon, I could’ve given a double thumbs-up for this figure, but unfortunately, that’s just not possible. The figure seems to lack in many departments.
            Personally, I consider Cryo Scourge aka Flame Convoy re-deco, to be the weakest among all Convoy-level figures in the series.
            Tough luck.
            Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year everyone and GONG XI FA CHAI!!!

Verdict: 4/10

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