Transformers Review: Vector Prime (Cybertron Voyager)

          Based on his bios, Vector Prime seems to have all the ingredients to make him one of the most powerful and wisest Transformers of all. When I first gotten this figure, which was way before I watch the actual animated series, I always imagine Vector to be the Chosen champion or Herald of Primus. I mean, just look at Unicron – he has Galvatron, while Galactus had Nova and Silver Surfer! So why shouldn’t Primus have one?
           My love for the character finally brought me to Hasbro’s “Ask Vector Prime” column, which proclaimed Vector as being one of the first 13 transformers in history. I actually cursed myself for not being able to purchase the Transformers: Cybertron VCD set (which until then, the show was yet to be shown on Malaysian TV), just so that I could watch both Vector Prime and Primus in action. When I did get a hold of the VCDs, which was actually the Japanese Galaxy Force version, I was disappointed with the character's portrayal. He was far from being what he was hyped up to be. He can’t even win a one-on-one duel with Starscream, who’s only the second-in-command to Megatron. However, he still managed to redeem himself to me by sacrificing his life in order to save the universe somewhere near the end of the series.
            Anyway, lets get to the main course. Vector is sold as a Voyager-class figure. The first thing you’ll notice is that the figure shown on the box differs vastly from the figure it houses. It should be noted that the figure on the box resembles that of the Takara’s version. Vector Prime comes together with his Minicon partner Safeguard (Roots) and a special Cyber Planet key. 

Robot Mode:

             While the figure may differ vastly from its Takara’s counterpart, it is by no means inferior to Takara’s. When you first catch a glimpse of Vector, you’ll instantly realize that he resembles a knight in shining armor or as I like to call it – a Knight Templar. It looked very regal, especially if you pose him as if he was kneeling on one knee while holding his sword downward. A close inspection on his body reveals numerous details such as gears, nuts & bolts, and intricate fine lines. On the right side of his ‘backpack’, his sword stores snugly in the available socket.
              The sword itself is very beautifully designed. It is made from the same rubber used on the wings/cape. As far as toy swords goes, this is definitely the best looking sword out there.
              There are 2 Minicon ports on both arms, in which the left one is reserved for his own herald extraordinaire, Safeguard. In robot form, he has 17 points of articulation, which provides a variety of possible poses.
               But unfortunately, despite all the details, and the intricate designs, the robot form isn’t all perfect. The shoulder guard, especially the one on the right seems loose. It has difficulties to stay up. I don’t know if it’s just mine or it’s a design blunder, but it really agitates me. The rubber used to make the wings and the sword are also too soft, or rather too bendable for its own good.
               Overall however, the pros outweigh all the cons, so it still manages to chalk up high ratings from me.

Alternate Mode:
               This is the mode that you get when you first take him out of its box. Like from a review I read somewhere, the reviewer mentioned the figure is heavily influenced by Star Wars. Yup, the other hugely successful franchise. I have to admit that I am not much of a Star Wars fan, although I can proudly say I have watched all six movies. Anyway, I do agree with the reviewer totally. The wings will obviously remind you of the popular X-wings (correct me if I’m wrong), while the front portion of the spacecraft reminds me of one of the Vader’s huge mother-ships -- the famous Star Destroyer. Ironically, the name Vector Prime itself refers to a name of a planet in the Star Wars universe (refer to Wikipedia). 
               Anyhow, the ship itself looked mighty amazing. All the details are there to be embraced. The transformation itself is too simple for a Voyager-class, but I ain’t complaining. Apart for the details and the carvings of gears and nuts and bolts all over the ships, it’s worth to mention the perfectly camouflaged sword, in which its hilt-guard also acts as one of the smaller wings of the spacecraft.
                The Cybertron/ Galaxy Force line is widely known for its Cyber Planet Key/ Force Chip gimmick. Vector Prime Cyber Planet Key is arguably one of the most unique planet key of all, aptly for a Transformers of Vector Prime’s stature. While normal planet keys only have 1 planet symbol or faction insignia on them, Vector’s planet key has all of the planets' symbols! Although it’s not as good looking as the Takara’s Galaxy Force version, it definitely is the best designed planet key by Hasbro
                Vector Prime also comes with a Minicon minion of his own named Safeguard. Safeguard is one of those Minicons whose design bears closely to that of his larger companion. In his case, even the transformation too is similar.
                 Vector Prime is truly a great figure with a great character and story, but with a disappointing TV portrayals. The figure that is aptly to be called the Herald of Primus, the Knight Templar of Cybertron. A must owned figure for any collection. 
                  Highly recommended.

                  Final verdict: 9/10


  1. Although Vector Prime's character in the t.v. series is dull, this figure is really a must have. If I'll get a chance to own this figure I won't hesitate to buy it. Great review Jerry. :)

  2. Glad that you enjoyed the review, Cedric... He's definitely a must-have. Vector is definitely one of the better figures from the Cybertron/ Galaxy Force line...

  3. A nice addition to your collection. He was also a repaint with a new face mold of Botcon Exclusive 2007 Alpha Trion.