Transformers Review – G1 Ultra Magnus (Kabaya)

            The Kabaya Transformers series, as mentioned in one of my previous reviews, are generally based on G1 and Classic/ Henkei figures. However, the subject of our review – Ultra Magnus – is an exception in the entire line. Although it is obviously based on how the character looked in the original series, the way how the figure transforms is based on the now-defunct Titanium line.
            The Ultra Magnus figure in the Titanium is arguably one of the best in the series, whose transformations resembles more to its animated counterpart rather than the original G1 figure.
            So having said that, it means that this set will contain no Optimus Prime repaint as the small inner robot, thus the trailer and the cab are inseparable from one another.

Alternate Mode:
            I really like the alternate mode, and I regard Ultra Magnus as one of the more unique mould in the line. The truck mode is a dead ringer to his Titanium counterpart.
            The best part of this mode, I think, is that the ramp is open-able.
            The stickers can be a bit of an @$$ to stick, but you’ll make it through.

Robot Mode:
            I love the robot mode. I would actually rank this figure as the best in Wave 2, just as how Star Saber was the best in Wave 1. The blue color of the plastic is so vibrant that it actually made the figure feel more expensive than it is. The combination of base blue, and red and white stickers really enhanced the look of this figure.
            At some point, I think that this figure is even more well proportioned compared to its Titanium counterpart. While the hands may still be slightly long, it isn’t as long as that of the Titanium’s, where it made him to look to having ape-hands. In fact, it’s almost seemed unnoticeable, if you ask me.
            Anyways, Ultra Magnus’s robot mode rocks.

            What can I say, I love this figure. The original G1 Ultra Magnus has remained as one of my Holy Grails of Transformers collecting, thus it’s no coincidence that I have a soft spot for this figure right.
            The best figure in the Wave 2 series, I highly recommend him to TransFans, as well as the Kabaya Transformers fans.

Verdict: 9/10

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