Transformers Review –Classic Optimus Prime (Kabaya)

            The Kabaya Transformers series so far has based their figures on the original G1 series (inclusive of the subsequent Japanese series) and also the Classics/ Henkei/ Universe line (except for Ultra Magnus, which is based on the Titanium series). Having already released the original G1 Optimus Prime character earlier, it was surprising that the Classics Optimus Prime likeness was also released. 
            It’s kinda strange that Wave 1 would have two Optimus Prime figures in the same Wave.Just for the record, Ginrai was an exception, because technically, Ginrai or Powermaster Optimus Prime are not the same character fiction-wise.

Alternate Mode:
            There’s nothing much to say about the truck mode except that it’s very similar to its Classics/ Henkei designs. 
Robot Mode:
            Classics Optimus Prime is a part-former at best. In order to transform him into robot mode, a lot of parts would have to be detached and rearranged. Although the construction is slightly more complicated than that of the previously released G1 Optimus, there’s nothing that you can’t handle. The instructions are very clear and accurate. 
            In this mode, Optimus only wields a double barrel gun, unlike the Classics version where the air vent on top of the truck could become the robot mode’s backpack, as well as transforming into a blaster. 
            The mould itself is very good, but with one slight problem – the head can’t really stay put as it keeps on tilting backward into the body, mainly due to the lack of physical support of the head aperture. So that’s a bit frustrating in an otherwise great set.

            Classics Optimus Prime is a good addition to the lineup, but honestly I do not see him as a must-have in the line. I find that it makes no sense to have two variants of the Optimus Primes in the lineup, even more so in the same Wave, when they could’ve opt for a G1 Megatron instead.

Verdict: 7/10

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