Transformers Review – G1 Perceptor (Universe Commemorative)

            Perceptor – the Autobots’ number one scientific nerd, has been one of those well known characters that has received only a handful of starring episodes, one of which was called Microbots where he received constant verbal abused from Brawn for not participating actively in open battles – which Perceptor was clearly not meant for. Anyways, having said that, Perceptor has been involved directly in a gunfight, as depicted in the 1986 movie where he was seen defending the Autobot City on Earth valiantly. 
            I never thought that I would ever owned an actual G1 Perceptor before, but in one of my recent trips to Sabah (Borneo), I was surprised that the Kota Kinabalu’s Toys “R” Us  (1 Borneo Branch) has one on the shelf when I can’t even find him anywhere else in the country. 
            Anyways, needless to say, I didn’t hesitate for even one second. So, on to the reviews…
Alternate Mode (Microscope):
            This mode is probably one of the reasons why Perceptor still remains quite popular with the fans. His unusual alternate mode, which is an actual-scaled microscope, is actually a functioning microscope! No, you can’t really use it for your scientific research or projects, but yes, it functions. Scalpel, from Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen – his alternate mode was clearly inspired by Perceptor, and yes Michael Bay, we, the fans appreciate that. 
            Anyways, I think it’s a really neat alternate mode.

Alternate Mode (Tank):
            To be honest with you, I initially didn’t quite like this mode, probably because it wasn’t really a part of the G1 continuity, but as I am doing this review, I feel like the mode is starting to grow on me. One thing’s for sure, unlike most 3rd Modes that I do not like, this wasn’t a half thought mode. When this figure was released in 1985, it was based on an older Microman figure, and back in those days, it featured a small Microman figure piloting this tank mode. 
            The mode is held on three free rolling wheels and has a tilt-able turret, which is formed by the scopes. 
            It’s a neat mode.

Robot Mode:
            Yep, this is Perceptor alright – unmistakably him. It has the shoulder cannon, formed by the scopes, which can either be placed on the left or the right shoulders. 
            The set also comes with 2 guns – one, a molded gun; the other is supposedly a spring-loaded gun with 3 bullets. On mine, however, this function fails to work due to a missing spring, which is kinda sad. 
            Standing at about 6 ¼” (to the head) or 7” (to the top of the shoulder cannon), the figure comes with a set of commendable articulations, which is surprising for a mould his age: there is no head articulation; shoulders turn 360°; the elbows bend (yay!); hips swings awkwardly outward; bendable knees and the toe-flaps flap up and down. 
            My only complaint of this mode is probably the head sculpt, which has a mouth plate instead of his normal animated look. 
            A wonderful mode and he still looks cool even when posed with his Generations counterpart. 
            Nostalgia rules. Perceptor is one of those characters that has one of the most unique alternate modes. A wonderful design and he is definitely a must for fans that grew up with the Generation 1 series.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9/10. 


  1. I'm also surprised he was available at TRU 1borneo. Good selection bro.

    Big Daddy V.

  2. Bro, fyi the spring loaded gun does not come with the Spring. HASBRO removed it for safety reasons. Optibotimus's video review also shared this concern. So it's not missing from your pack.

    Big Daddy V