Transformers Review: Yoda (Star Wars Crossover)

            Another edition of Transformers Review, you are welcomed to. A review of Star Wars Crossover Yoda, we will be doing…
            Oh God, I’m sorry. I just had to do it. I’ll be darn if I didn’t. Anyways, as mentioned earlier, I will be reviewing Star Wars Crossover Yoda. Now this line was first introduced in 2006, in order to capitalize on, dare I say it, the two biggest collectors’ franchise ever. These two franchise have single handedly redefined the modern pop culture as we know it and it was unavoidable that these giants would eventually intercross each other, thus creating the Star Wars Crossover line.
            The Star Wars Crossover started this whole crossover idea, which would eventually be replicated with the Marvel superheroes. Similar to the concept of Marvel Crossover, the character itself doesn’t exactly transform into their respective vehicle modes. Based on the story, the respective Star Wars characters literally manipulated the Force to transform their vehicle into mechas that resemble themselves. 
            Now Yoda isn’t my first Star Wars Crossover Transformer – that honor goes to the Imperial Tie Fighter Darth Vader (whose review I will be doing sometime in the near future). Yoda, in my opinion, is probably the most iconic Star Wars character alongside Darth Vader and it was only natural that I would have him in my collection after having Darth Vader for so long.

Alternate Mode:
            Well, since my knowledge of Star Wars is – from the scale High School to PhD – only at Diploma level, I have to rely on the box itself to tell me what the alternate mode is. Yoda comes packed in the Republic Attack Shuttle mode. Now, I’m not really sure about this, but if memory serves, this spacecraft first appeared in the prequel trilogy, which episode I’m not so sure, but at least it looks somewhat familiar to me.  
            Due to the wings positioning, you’d probably need some sort of a stand to display the figure in its alternate mode. 
            The figure doesn’t do a lot on its own, except having its twin gun turrets on swivels. 
            Although the official instruction did not say this, there is a way to store Yoda’s light saber, which is by inserting it on to the slots on top of either side of the wings. 

Robot Mode:
            Once transformed, the only things that ensure that Yoda is definitely Yoda are the green-colored hands, feet and of course, that face that looks like a variation of Dark of the Moon Wheeljack/ Que. Yeah, you don’t believe me? Try switching the colors a bit, less pointy ears and add in some facial hairs, voila (!), you get yourself a DOTM Wheeljack or Que.
            Anyway, articulation-wise: the enormous head rotates; the shoulders rotate on ratcheting joints and they also move up and down; the elbows also rotate on ratcheting joints, right on the bendable elbow joints; the wrists turns and also able to tilt forward (albeit awkwardly), thanks to the transformation; there is also a waist movement; the hips are on ball joints, and with a combination of 2 swivel joints, they provide all round motions, although can be a bit hindered by the sheer size of the hips and other appendages; the movement of the knees, although double-jointed, are also restricted by the sheer size of the upper and lower legs; finally the ankles turn on a set of ratcheting joints and are also able to tilt backward. 
            While I do like how Yoda fared scale-wise, when compared to Darth Vader, you just can’t help but noticed how lumbering and blocky he is, unlike Vader who looks much slicker. 
            While he does come with a lot of articulation joints, most of them are wasted due to limited space to accommodate those movements, thus restricts them from their full potential. 
            I wished that Yoda would’ve come with 2 light sabers instead of 1, since there are two slots available to store them on shuttle mode.

            As a whole, I think it was about time they decide to give Yoda the crossover treatment, after numerous Star Wars characters such as Anakin, Obiwan-Kenobi, Luke, Chewbacca & Han Solo, and of course, Darth Vader who himself has received 3 crossover treatments over the years.
            While I think it’s a good attempt to give Yoda the treatment, I can’t help it but wonder if things could have be done differently. Then again, this is not supposed to be Yoda himself, since they have mentioned earlier that Yoda used the power of the force to manipulate his shuttle to mimic his likeness.
            Unlike the Imperial Tie Fighter Darth Vader figure mentioned earlier, Yoda doesn’t come with a small figurine of himself. In Darth Vader’s case, that figurine is supposed to be Vader himself, who is piloting the ship.
            Just something to ponder about for all you Star Wars fans: since these characters use the power of the force to manipulate their crafts to mimic their likeness, seeing as how Darth Vader’s mecha mode looks more convincing than that of Yoda’s, can it be said that Vader is more well verse in the art of the Force than Yoda?
            Think about it…

            Final verdict: 7/10. 

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