Transformers Review – Hunt for the Decepticons Sea Spray


Sea Spray, in the long history of Transformers, has only appeared in one major Transformers series, i.e. Generation 1 and this of course doesn’t include the Transformers: Timelines series’ Shattered Glass universe. Even during the G1 era, Seaspray, or Sea Spray, was never a major character of the series. I would put him in the same category as Cosmos, Beachcomber, Gears and Powerglide, each of which has at least received 1 episode all to themselves. Thus, I really couldn’t understand the justification for characters like Powerglide and Sea Spray receiving an Ultra-class and a Voyager-class treatment respectively, in the Universe and Hunt of the Decepticons line respectively again. The problem starts when you start to display all of your updated G1 figures in a row, and you suddenly find Powerglide and Sea Spray being way bigger than Optimus Prime and Megatron, which is kinda awkward. If only they were in scale with the others… sigh…
Having said that, I have to admit that I really love Powerglide’s designs and it is quite ashamed really that I couldn’t get my hands on that particular figure. So, after having missed out on Powerglide (and plus coincidentally that there were huge discounts at Parkson Grand, Mahkota Parade, Malacca), I thought, why not get Sea Spray? And so, here we are again with another exciting review…

Car mode:
            Sea Spray’s hovercraft looks very cool. I don’t have that many sea-vehicles Transformers in my collection, save for Energon Mirage and Sharkticon (as far as I can recall right now). Also, I know for a fact that I don’t have any other hovercraft Transformers in my entire collection, so Sea Spray now have that honor. 
            The hovercraft looks believable and the craft are mainly white and blue in color, with a little bit of grey, silver and orange here and there, with a pair of black blasters on each side. The bed of his hovercraft mode is also able to hold several Minibots/ Minicons figures that you might have.  
            On each side of the hovercraft’s skirts, there is a label written as “SEA-S.P. RAY”, which is a kinda creative pun of the name. On top of the hull, which would eventually form the robot mode’s chest has an Autobot insignia and the same labeling on the skirts written on it.
            And of course, for play value, the hovercraft comes equipped with wheels underneath and also a pair of spring-loaded guns on each side.

Robot mode:
            For a Voyager-class figure, Sea Spray’s transformations are just too easy. Heck, I have some Deluxe-class figures that have given me more hard times than Sea Spray. To be honest, he doesn’t really look like his G1 namesake; in fact, he’s more like a total overhaul of the G1’s designs.
            Articulations-wise: the head rotates 360°. The shoulders are on soft ratcheting universal joints that provides them with a full range of motions. The arms rotate slightly above the bendable elbows, and there are also wrists movements. Sea Spray has no waist joint whatsoever, but the hips are made from heavy ratcheting universal joints. The knees bend and there are also slight ankle movements available, which allows a slight upward and downward motion. 
            The head sculpt is quite neat, which kinda looks like a diver with a scuba mask on, and also the duck feet. Overall, Sea Spray’s robot mode really has that diver-theme on it. Heck, even the blue-colored gun projectiles looked like harpoons. 

            Sea Spray’s surprisingly look kinda neat. I just wished that he would be somewhat in scale with the rest of his G1 comrades, and I really couldn’t see the justifications of having him as a Voyager-class figure. Still, he looks awesome, and is definitely a must-have to those Sea Spray fan out there.

Final verdict, 7.5/10.

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