Transformers Review – Energon Sharkticon

             During the events of the 1986 animated movie, we were introduced to numerous new characters, some of which are relatively strange, and they get no stranger than the Quintessons and their servants, the Sharkticons. Despite their oddity in designs, I actually like the G1 Sharkticon, even though I don’t have the figure. My fondness in the designs is merely based on the numerous photos and reviews that I’ve referred to online.
            So since I couldn’t get my hand on the G1 version, I might as well settle for the Energon version. The character is listed as a Terrorcon, and was recruited by Scorponok. Although he was involved in the comic storyline by Dreamwave, Sharkticon was never featured in the animated show, which is ashamed really considering how cool the character was. Anyways, what’s done is done, so let us get down to business, shall we?

Alternate mode:
            Unlike its G1 namesake, Sharkticon does not transform into an alien shark, but instead, he transform into a shark-themed submarine. The submarine itself is pretty slick, and you could actually imagine it to be some sort of a spacecraft as well, and he wouldn’t be out of place. Sharkticon is predominantly black, silver and orange in color, with a little bit of white, red and purple here and there.
            If you look at the submarine from the side, he actually has the outline of a great white shark, right down to the mouth, although the tailfin maybe a little bit unrealistic. 
            In submarine mode, Sharkticon is armed to the teeth. He has for rotatable double-barrel turrets: one of each side, and 2 more on top, right in front of the bridge.
            My only complaint with the figure in the huge kibble underneath the sub, which is actually Sharkticon’s legs in robot mode, but then again, I don’t think that the designers could do anything better than they already did, due to the size constraint.  

Robot Mode:
            In robot mode, Sharkticon looks like a ninja – a mean-looking one, if I might add. He looks like he means business. The fins sticking out at the side of the arms look as if they could act as melee weapons. In this mode, Sharkticon is predominantly orange, silver and purple in color. The main hull of the submarine now acts as his backpack, which kinda resembles the concept that they would eventually used for Cybertron Vector Prime.
            Articulation-wise: the head is on a ball-joint, but its movement in somewhat limited due to the head design and also the lack of neck clearance. The shoulders rotate. There is also a pair of hinges just after the shoulders that allow upward motions for the shoulders. Slightly below that, the arms can rotate. The elbows also bend. Sharkticon also has a waist joint, which is always a welcome. The hips are on ball-joints as well. The legs also rotate slightly below the hips. The knees bend, and finally the ankles can move backward and forward. 
            The figure itself is kinda cool, and the joints are very tight, which kinda helps with the poses. I’ve had this figure for at least 7 years now, and the joints are still tight.
            My only complaint in this mode is that, compared to his submarine mode, he has no weapons at all!!! It’s as if he’s all for hand combat. 

            As with all Energon/Superlink Decepticon figures, Sharkticon comes with the Hyper-mode gimmick. In submarine mode, the Hyper-mode takes the form of a pair of huge cannons that stick out of the side of the sub like sore eyes. 
            In robot mode, Sharkticon’s Hyper-mode takes the form of a pair of cannons protruding at the side of his waist, which looks kinda cool, if you ask me. 
            There is also a slot on his chest, where you could attach the Energon star, if you so desire.

            Sharkticon is a very nifty Deluxe-sized figure, which looks very cool. It looks slick and very ninja-like. Even his bios depict him as a fearsome opponent that utilizes sadistic methods to destroy his enemies, to a point that even Megatron fears him, and that is saying a lot about the character.   

Final verdict, 8/10

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