Condolences to the Citizens of Japan

Hey everybody,

We at Planet Cybertron and New Planet Cybertron would like to extend our deepest condolences to the citizens of Japan. The news of the 11 March tragedy came as a shock to everyone all over the world. As various news have reported, it is the most powerful earthquake ever to hit Japan in 140 years. It’s so horrifying to see video recordings of the devastation resulted from the massive earthquakes. As if that wasn’t enough, 10 feet high tidal waves/ tsunami just crashed into the seashores, and you could see hundreds of people screaming for help.

But never lose hope, our Japanese friends. Help will always come to you in time of need. Humans are strange creatures. They squabble amongst one another everyday. They kill each other. They fight each other. But then, when tragedies like this comes, humans of various races and backgrounds somehow can put aside their differences and band together for a common goal.

Stay strong our friends, our brothers.



  1. First New Zealand, now Japan, who's next? We as Msians should be lucky that it does not happen and we must not take it for granted. Even so, we are kinda close to Sumatra islands...must be prepared.

    From political riots in Middle East to natural disasters in developing nations to terrorist attack...I do hope this is NOT a prelude of the '2012' apocalypse....

    Big Daddy V

  2. Yeah, it's like a chain of events that keeps on occurring... well, it's only 1 year plus to go before Dec 21st, 2012... wonder what will happen after that?