Transformers Review – Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar


One of the significant post-1986-movie developments was the introduction of the Planet of Junk and the Junkions into the Transformers lore. The leader of the Junkions was of course, Wreck-Gar – the unstoppable robot who transforms into a bike and speaks TV. They are fearsome in battle, and they won’t (and impossible to) stay down. Every time they fall, they just keep getting back up and get straight into your face. It is also Wreck-Gar and his merry band of Junkions that first introduce us to the ultimate universal greeting:


Hell, I don’t know what it means, and you’re gonna have to thank Weird Al Yankovic for that. 

Alternate mode:

            This time around, instead of the sort-of-a-chopper bike, Wreck-Gar transforms into a motocross-style bike, and what a sweet and slick-looking bike it is. The bike is predominantly brown, yellow and black, with lotsa grey parts. There is also a little bit of black flame decals on the fuel tank and also a kickstand that, well, helps it to stand. The wheels turn very freely and the entire bike itself looks very believable. There is also a rub-sign above the front light, and rubbing it will reveal his allegiance – take a guess.   
            My only complaint is the bike’s inability to turn its front wheel, but I guess due to the transformations, that weren’t really possible. 

Robot Mode:
            Wreck-Gar is definitely one of the jewels of the RTS line, and he is also has the distinction of being one of the most oddly designed figure in the line. Unlike any other figures in the line, Wreck-Gar is asymmetrical – meaning both of his sides don’t really mirror one another. Of all the bike-formers that I have owned or known, Wreck-Gar is definitely the most unique of all. I particularly love the designs of the legs. Despite being oddly designed and both legs being totally different in designs, they managed to function properly and look good at the same time! 
            The head sculpt is fantastic – the detailing, the facial hairs looks very realistic, reminiscence of the Generations Scourge figure, which I really adore. The overall articulations are as follows: the head is on a ball joint, but unfortunately its movement is a bit restricted due to its designs and facial hairs. The shoulders of the differently –designed arms are both on ball joints and they also rotates slightly below the shoulders. The arms also bend at the elbows and possess wrists movement. Wreck-Gar also has a waist joint, which is always a welcome. The hips are on ball joints as well; the legs bend at the knees and possess ankle joints.
            The transformation of the right leg in particular contains a little bit of the all-famous auto-morph gimmick.
            The exhaust pipe in the motorcycle mode now turns into an axe-like/ windmill-esque hand-held weapon, which can be wield with 2 hands.


            Wreck-Gar is definitely one of the best figures from the new Reveal the Shield line, the line which has yet again proved to be on par with the wholly popular Generations line. The bike can be a bit out of scale with the rest of his Deluxe-class brethrens, but who the hell cares?! At least he looks very, very good.       
            If you’re a Wreck-Gar or a G1 fan, this is definitely a must-own figure worthy of any collection shelf.

Final verdict, 10/10. Marvelous


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