Transformers Review: Cybertron Unicron


In my earlier review of Unicron, you know how excited I am of the figure and the character as a whole. But the Universe Unicron was not the first version of Unicron I have ever had, that honor will go to Cybertron Unicron.

Unicron was heavily mentioned and featured in the Unicron Trilogy, i.e. Armada (Micron Legend), Energon (Superlink) & Cybertron (Galaxy Force). However, Unicron never actually appeared in the Cybertron/ Galaxy Force series. In fact, he was never mentioned at all in the Japanese continuity. However, the Americans felt that there was the need to tie up some lose-ends from the previous Energon series, and hence here we are.

This time around, Unicron is a Deluxe-class figure instead of a huge monstrous planet. So here goes with the review…

Robot Mode:

Unicron is your basic Deluxe-class figure. For a character of Unicron’s stature, I would actually expect it to be bigger, at least a Leader-class figure. There are no bios at the back of the box to offer any explanations, so here is my theory.


When Unicron was defeated in the events of Energon, Unicron’s physical body was shattered all across the universe. However, his spark lives, wandering the cosmos to find a suitable temporary host. Hence, on a desolate scene where one of the worst battles in the Transformers lore took place, Unicron found a rotten body of a once-brave young Transformer who lost his life to the war, and took it as his own. Despite the relatively small physical body, Unicron’s power would still surpass that of any living Transformers. With the body that he now wields, he would command his own army in order to collect and gather all of his lost parts, so that he would be able to abandon his current body, and once more assume his original body, and yet again be known throughout the cosmos, as the Chaos Bringer.


So what do u think about it? Can I actually have a career writing stories for the Transformers comic or series? Honestly, I’d love the honor. Realistically, I don’t think any of the guys in Hasbro or Takara-Tomy would want to look to little ol’ me for that.

Anyways, he’s tiny. Being a Deluxe-figure, he is way smaller than any other major characters from the series, which is a let-down. At least a Voyager size would’ve done him a little bit of justice.

The head turns left and right. The shoulders are on two-point joints that allow a variety of motions and the arms bend and turn at the elbows. Unicron also has a waist articulation, ball joints for hips, and finally, the knee bends. While this Unicron obviously lacks the trademarked spikes that were predominant in the old depiction, he does have a set-of-four spikes-like thingy that you could let him hold, as it they were claws. I have no ideas what they are used for, but they looked neat nonetheless.

Alternate Mode:

In essence, he is supposed to be a tank-esque kinda vehicle – a very alien-looking tank. I don’t know about you, but the shape itself kinda reminds me of a horseshoe crab.

He also has a set of claw-like contraption sticking out in front of his tank to mimic his planet mode, which is kinda neat. In fact, he has so many elements of the planet itself in tank mode, such as the spikes, the mouth and the colors.

Despite the unconventional alternate mode, it kinda somewhat pulls it off perfectly.

My few gripe of the figure involves its rather difficult to turn wheels and its claws that are always loose. Apart from that, he is okay.


As with any other Cybertron/ Galaxy Force figures, he comes with a Cyber Planet key. Inserting the key into the slot at the back of the tank will open Unicron’s mechanical mouth and reveal some sort of a laser weapon inside.


Unicron is neat. He is a bit too small for my liking, but otherwise the idea and concept was executed brilliantly. The slightly decomposed face depicted here is gruesomely awesome, and every single contours and spikes, and carvings screams evil. It would’ve been great if this character had appeared in the Cybertron/ Galaxy Force continuity, it would’ve really added much needed spice there. Anyhow, a much welcomed addition to the Cybertron/ Galaxy Force lineup and very much a worthy addition to any collections.

However, finding this little fella in Malaysia may be a bit difficult due to his rarity here. But if you do manage to find him, grab him.

Final verdict: 9/10

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