Transformers Review: Tracks (Alternators)

            Tracks is a rarity among the Autobots – he is among the few who really enjoys being on Earth. He loves the Earth culture, Earth music, and most all, his Earth-bound mode. He loves his Chevrolet Corvette so much that he’d stay in that mode all the time, if the Decepticons do not attack.
            Tracks was the fifth character released under the Transformers: Alternators line, and being an avid Alternators fan, I’ve been hunting high and lows to get my hands on one of the three Chevrolet Corvette C5 ever released, i.e. Tracks, Battle Ravage or Swerve, and I’m really glad that I managed to grab Tracks instead.

            Anyways, let’s not waste any time and let’s get on with the review.

Alternate Mode:
            Just like all of the Alternators releases before and after him, the car mode is excellent. It is first of all a 1:24 scale model car, with detailed interiors, Cybertronian Radial rubber tyres and open-able doors and hood.
             Tracks’ car mode is that of a Chevrolet Corvette Z06, that means that the Alternators version of him is literally an update of his original G1 alternate mode, which is also a Chevrolet Corvette.

            Unlike his Binaltech counterpart, which was painted in yellow, I was kind of glad that they chose to release Tracks in his traditional blue in the Alternators line, and the blue is vibrant, almost glossy and wonderful.

            I really like the realism that they put into this car mode: the Chevrolet emblems in front and at the back of the car; the word CORVETTE is the front grill; the Z06 logo on both sides of the car, right before the doors; the CORVETTE engraving at the back of the car; and other minor details such as sport rims, headlights, gas tanks etc. This could easy lead non-Transformers collectors to believe it to be a real 1:24 scale model car.

            The kibbles underneath are very, very minimal, save for the head that is obviously exposed. Otherwise, it is a very clean finishing.
            Overall, it’s one slick speedster.

Robot Mode:
            Unlike the traditional Tracks figures, he doesn’t have any flight mode. The design of the robot just doesn’t allow for it.
            The transformation is typically complex, just like any other Alternators/ Binaltech figures; and the resulting robot is unmistakably Tracks.
            The colors on him are brilliant. The shade of blue used is perfect.
            The head sculpt is awesome too.  The chest piece, unlike all other traditional Tracks figures before him, are not formed by the car’s hood, but rather a false hood hidden underneath the car mode, which is a nice touch really.
            The two shoulder cannons, which are mounted on the car chassis that forms his back, look really good, though it doesn’t have any sort of spring-loaded pelt.
            The robot’s legs are mainly formed by the front of the car.
            In terms of articulations: the head is on a ball joint, but he can only look up limitedly, mainly due to the designs of the head.
The shoulders consist of 2 joints – the inner rotational joints and the outer hinge joints. The elbows too consist of 2 joints – hinge joints on top and followed by huge ball joints. The wrists swings inwards, mostly due to the transformation joints, and the 1st finger is on a separate joint, while the other 3 move in tandem. The thumb is immobile. These joints on the arms really give the arms a really good range of motions.
            There is unfortunately no waist joint. The hips are on ball joints; double-jointed knees, and finally the ankles rotate.
            Overall, Tracks has some of the sweetest joints in the entire Alternators/ Binaltech line – in theory that is. The huge flaps behind the legs – formed by the engine hood pieces – inhibit the full potential of the double-jointed knees. I also wish that Tracks could’ve had ball-jointed ankles – it would’ve been so sweet to be able to pose Tracks with them.
            Still, having said all that, you can still pose him in various poses wonderfully.
            The engine piece can be converted into a blaster for Tracks to wield.
            Overall, he has a good robot mode, which closely resembles his original look. The only difference is that he doesn’t have any wings, and the shoulder pieces might be vague substitutes.

What more can I say about Tracks, he aces in both departments. He has a fantastic car mode, and equally wonderful robot mode.
I would definitely recommend him to any Alternators collectors, as well as any model car collectors.
Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 9.5/10. 

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