Marvel Review – Skaar (Marvel Universe)

            Welcome back, fellow Cybertronians. It’s been a long while since I reviewed any Marvel-related figures, so I guess it’s high time that we bring to you one.
            The Planet Hulk/ World War Hulk storyline was probably the most monumental storyline in the history of The Incredible Hulk. It proves to the world that he is truly the strongest one there is – or is he?
If you are a fan of the World War Hulk storyline, you will probably remember the last panel at the end of the World War Hulk comics. I remembered reading it and the goose-bumps that accompanied it. We never expected it. For all we know, Sakaar was in ruins and inhospitable and to see what appeared next was totally unexpected.
I must admit, I didn’t know what was in store for us from that point onwards. Who was that guy, or it? At first glance, he reminded me of Swamp Thing from DC. It was only much later on that we were finally introduced to Skaar – the Son of Hulk with his wife Caiera.
So when Hasbro announced that they were planning to release this figure in the Marvel Universe line, I knew that I had to have him. No Hulk collection would be complete without. So I was on the hunt for this guy for more than a year – both on retail shops, flea markets, eBay and wherever else I could.
            It wasn’t easy to find him, and even if you could find him, he was so darn expensive!!!
            It took a lot of perseverance, but I finally found him on eBay at a price that I was willing to fork out for.
            Lo, and behold, he was finally mine. Skaar was released in Series 3, #016.
            Was he worth the effort, let’s get on with the review.  

            I really like the artwork on the box. Skaar looks, well, scary…
            Anyway, the figure itself is huge!!! I have to admit, I had expected Hasbro to reuse the World War Hulk mold for Skaar, and I was surprised that they hadn’t.
            Instead, it was clearly that he had a lot of Juggernaut/ Thanos template on him – particularly the chest, upper arms and legs. The rest of his body parts are either retooled of Juggy’s parts or new.

            That is not a bad thing. Juggernaut is a good figure as well, and I think they made a right choice so that it would be easier to differentiate both figure.
Skaar - unarmed
            Skaar inherits his father’s green complexion and black stripes/ tattoo from his mother.
            I love the details on his body. Skaar comes with a sword and sheath, mounted on a leather vest. The vest can be detached from the figure, but you just need to be careful that you don’t accidentally break the straps.
World War Hulk and Skaar
            The bracelet-thingy on his arms are separate pieces from the arms. The groin cloth is made from separate piece as well.
            The head sculpt is really good and he is distinctively angry-looking. The head articulation is theoretically good, but due to the design of the head, or specifically the hair, it kind of restricts the overall movement.
            The articulation of the rest of the body is similar to Juggernaut. The shoulders move in all directions; the arms rotate slightly below the shoulders; the elbows bend; fists rotate; slight abs-crunch; waist rotate; hips are on ball joints; legs rotate slightly below the hip; knees bend and the ankles rotate.
            There are hints that the ankles could tilt downward, but somehow they can’t.
The Sword
            The sword is nice – way different from the one used by the Hulk. The sword looks to be made from relatively brittle plastic. The pointy end is slightly softer, but more likely because it’s thin. I wouldn’t dare to put too much pressure on the blade for fear of breaking it.
Skaar and the rest of the Gamma-irradiated beings
            Overall, it’s a very good figure.

            For some reason, Skaar, like many other top-rated Marvel Universe figures, is incredibly rare in this part of the world. So far, I have only encountered him once on retail, and twice on eBay Malaysia, and it was running on highly exorbitant prices on two of those instances.
            I really love this figure that it really goes well displayed beside his dad, World War Hulk.
            Fantastic figure.
            Final verdict, 9.5/10.

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