Transformers Review: Build Cyclone (Car Robots Deluxe) a.k.a. Hightower – Part 4 of 5 - Buildmaster

            I have to admit, although the Car Robots/ Robots in Disguise series was first broadcasted in 2001, I haven’t watched it before. Still, I do recognize the characters from the series, and some of them are also on my hit list such as Gigatron, Fire Convoy and Ultra Magnus, just to name a few.
            But one particular set that I had never intended to get was the Buildmasters. The Buildmasters is a special team of engineers and architects tasked to build the Global Space Bridge. Unlike most special teams ever since G1, the Buildmasters were never meant to be warriors and fighters, thus making them quite unreliable in battles.
            The members of the Buildmasters are also capable of combining to form a super robot called Build King, or Landfill in the Robots in Disguise (RiD) series, which we will be reviewing in Part 5 of this series of reviews.
            It was pure coincidence that I managed to find this group, and with a proper nudge from my pal Big Daddy V, I finally relented to what I already wanted to do.
            The members of the Buildmaster that I will be reviewing are sold in a different packaging, and all of them are Takara releases.
            Build Cyclone, or better known as Hightower in the RiD continuity, is the master marksman of the group. Being a bit of a fanboy to Wedge, he’s also the advisor and bodyguard to the leader of the Buildmasters.

Alternate Mode:
            Build Cyclone transforms into a red-colored crane truck.
            Just like his other comrades, Build Cyclone is quite detailed and has just the right size.
            Just like his mould-cousin – Build Typhoon, he doesn’t that have much gimmick to shout about in this mode. Although the crane-boom itself have some detailing as if it could extent, it doesn’t.
            The cockpit doesn’t really turn – I thought crane cockpits have to be able to turn! Still, you can still forcefully do so by having the cockpit loosen and lifted up a bit, to give the entire cockpit piece some leeway to turn unhindered.
            The hook doesn’t open up as it’s just a molded piece.
            The crane-boom can also transform into its weapon mode, and you can have Cyclone wield this weapon in his alternate mode as well.
            Overall, it’s still a neat alternate mode.

Robot Mode:
            Just like Build Typhoon, Build Cyclone’s robot mode is very stout.
Standing side-by-side with Build Typhoon
            Unlike the other Buildmasters, Cyclone is a bit of a part-former. To transform him to robot mode, you need to detach the cockpit, and reattached it to the back of the robot. His head is in that cockpit piece.
            As for the head, while his mould-brother – Build Typhoon’s facial expression is rather cheerful; Cyclone’s is a bit grim. It’s almost like he’s angry all the time.

            While both Cyclone and Typhoon’s sculpt is nearly identical, I prefer the overall finishing on Cyclone’s.
            The chest presentation is slightly better too…
            That didn’t come out like it should have…
            Anyways, articulation-wise, Cyclone shares the same strengths and weaknesses as Typhoons – ball-jointed shoulders, elbows and hips; rotatable head and bendable knees – they are all there.
            In his robot mode, he wields the crane cannon. Of all the Buildmasters, this is probably the most believable handheld weapon. Wielding that huge gun and a smaller gun housed in the cockpit, Cyclone looks like he really means business.

I like Build Cyclone. For some reason, I dig this figure more than I do Build Typhoon. He looks better and definitely has the better weapon.  Although I still won’t go out on a limb to find this particular figure, if you have the cash to spare, then be my guess go out and get him. And if you’re not thinking about Build King, then this figure isn’t really a must in your collection.

            Final verdict: 7.5/10.

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