Marvel Review – Marvel Universe Thanos

            Thanos, the Mad Titan… this guy is one probably one of the most sought after Marvel Universe figures. I have been searching everywhere, but I have to say, this character isn’t really that easy to come by. Circumstances that lead me to getting this figure were, how should I put it, unexpected at best, which you would eventually understand by the end of this intro.
            Thanos is actually an alien from Saturn’s moon – Titan, and he is one of the Deviants and through advanced technology and mysticism, he became one of the most power Titans. However, it is brilliant that is his most potent weapon.
            The Titan fascination with death, has lead him to fall in love with Mistress Death – one of Marvel Universe cosmic entities. His obsessive love for Mistress Death eventually leads to the events of the Infinity Saga, in which he collected all six Infinity Gems, i.e. Soul, Time, Space, Mind, Reality and Power Gems – each with their own specific powers. Together with all these gems, Thanos created the Infinity Gauntlet, which grants him Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omniscience.
            Thanos literally became a God, and he was able to erase half of the population of the universe, and decimated almost all of the Marvel Universe Earth’s heroes and Cosmic Entities, just to impress Mistress Death. It was through sheer luck and fortunate turns of events that Thanos was finally defeated, and reality was restored.
            Being such a significant character to the Marvel Universe, as well as being a Class 100 character, even without the Gauntlet, Thanos was a natural choice for me; and also the fact that I am actually running short on villains in my collection.
            The circumstances that led me to acquiring this figure are worth sharing. On one fine Sunday morning, on one of my occasional trips to the weekly flea market in town, I actually found a long-sought-after figure of Thanos. However, he was way too overpriced – more than triple the normal retail price, though less than triple the collector’s price for a figure such as this. Through the wonders of smartphone technology though, my friend – Big Daddy – and yours truly, The Big Man, went on a frantic search on eBay for any possible options. Alas, we did find one, which offered standard collectors’ price. I gave him a call immediately, and through some quick-thinking arrangements, I became a proud owner of Thanos, just like that.
            I did, however, missed out on Skaar, but then again I guess, you win some, you lose some.
            Anyways, Thanos is released under Series 2, numbered at 034.

            A quick glance at Thanos reveals the fact that he is a massive figure that is quite comic-accurate. I kinda dig the slight Egyptian-feel of the figure – namely the waist-skirts or whatever you want to call it.

            The face sculpt is fantastic. It is very comic accurate, and maybe this is just me, but whenever I look at that face, it kinda reminded me of the epilogue scene of the movie Avengers, in which Thanos made a cameo appearance. It kind of sends shivers down my spine whenever I think of it.
            Overall, it is quite clear that Thanos utilizes the same body templates as the Juggernaut. The sole of the boots are identical, and so are the basic templates for the limbs and body.
            The “Egyptian” skirt and the neck apron are actually separate pieces from the entire body, and as such, they can move independently.
            On its own, Thanos comes with normal fists hands, which are unable to hold anything with them. However, Thanos wouldn’t be Thanos, if he doesn’t come with his iconic Infinity gauntlet.
The Infinity Gauntlet
            The left fist can be detached and swapped with the Infinity Gauntlet-wearing opened hands. The Gauntlet consists of 6 gems, colored red, yellow, blue, green, purple and orange respectively.
Size Comparisons - from left: Hulk, Wolverine, Thanos and Juggernaut
            The opened left hand does provide you with extra options to pose this figure.
Die, Skyrider....
            Being who he is, you are definitely going to have much fun with him, especially if you have more Marvel characters to pose him with.
Demolition Derby by Thanos
            Apart from the gauntlet, Thanos comes with other accessories as well, such as a stand, which doesn’t really fit him; a Superhuman Registration Act card; and a letter from Norman Osborn to Quasimodo. 

            Thanos is absolutely fantastic. Yes, fanboys from all over the world would probably debate that Thanos is a rip-off of Darkseid, but as far as I am concerned, they are as different as ever can be. Their abilities and bios are completely different, so I really do not see it as an issue.
            Anyways, Thanos is probably one of the most difficult Marvel Universe 3 ¾” figures to come by, and he is probably going to be more sought after, once the Guardians of the Galaxy is released, as he is designated as the main villain in the movie.
            Seeing as he is one of the toughest villains in the Marvel Universe, as well as being one of the esteemed Class 100 characters, he is definitely worth your considerations.   

            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict, 10/10. 

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