Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland?

            To put it simply, two reasons: First, I would love to do a coverage of LEGOLAND for both of my blogs, just like what I did for the Malacca Toy Museum and the 2011 Malaysia International Toy Fair.
Secondly, me and LEGO, we go back a long way. My collection of LEGOs (shown below), are at least 20 years old and I bet none of the kids nowadays can keep any of their toys that long.
None of my friends did.
            Let’s face it, we are in the iPad/ iPhone generation. Just the other day in AEON Bandaraya Melaka, I just saw a 2-year old kid, sitting in a pram pushed by his mom, playing games on an iPad!
Come on, a 2-year old kid?!
            Back in my days, we played with toys, I mean real toys. We didn’t get a lot of toy varieties or options due to financial constraints, but we used something else – our very own imaginations, and LEGO provided me with the most of fun. 
Let's see who's the King of the Road...
I told you not to go head on, but did you listen? No...
            I remembered as a kid (and probably now still), I like to imagine my sets of LEGOs to be some sort of an undercover special ops team, similar to the old M.A.S.K. in the mid-80s, remember that? The Operatives all had their day jobs, but when the need arises, they can be summoned to perform their missions. And the cool thing is that each of their vehicles had awesome codenames (which 80’s cartoon didn’t?)!
            Back then my parents couldn’t afford M.A.S.K.s or Transformers, so we got ourselves some LEGOs. It wasn’t easy getting any of them, that’s for sure, I had to earn them, either for my birthday (which unfortunately only comes once a year), or by scoring Top 3 in class.
            So to all my friends, now you know why I always strive to get Top 3. And kids, score Top 3 and then pester your parents to get you some LEGOs.
Mark Metron and his Magna
            Anyways, I played my LEGOs as if they were M.A.S.K. agents or Transformers. My team of LEGOs was known as the M-Tron Team, lead by a brother and sister team of Mark and Marion Metron, vehicles codename Magna and Landis.
Randall and his Bullhorn
            They were joined by Randall (Bullhorn); Scott & Chuck (Sweep); Steve & Jack, along with their pet chimp Cheetah (Bigfoot); the sibling’s best friend, Mike Blackford (Blacktron); Wing (Starblazer) and John (More-Bombs). These guys were trained operatives that specialized on things that normal forces cannot do. 
From left: Scott, Chuck, Randall, Mike Blackford, Mark Metron, Wing, John, Steve, Jack and Cheetah
            So yeah, I had lots of fun with LEGOs, and I’d love to relive those forgotten years by getting that pair of Season tickets to LEGOLAND.
            Till then… M-Tron team… MOVE OUT!!!
The M-Tron Team


  1. Holy Kaw, it looks as if you just bought them recently, still looks mew. One thing about Lego bricks compared to other brands, the quality is sturdier which can last long. In fact, quality may be even better than TF or other toy brands. Not sure about quality of today's Lego, but Lego prices are always higher than other retail toys.


    1. These were my first real toys, even before I had any Transformers, and I love 'em so much... I still have every single extra piece of 'em, as well as the boxes, but I just can't find them now, because they are somewhere amongst my Transformers boxes in the other room... and you know how my other room look like, don't you?

  2. Yea man, and is counting...lol Vince