Misc Review: Fying Captain Planet

Photo Courtesy of Amazon.com
             When I was a kid growing up, there were a lot of good quality cartoon shows on TV that were really good. Those were the days where cartoons were really beneficial to kids growing up. They taught us the meaning of teamwork, as well as a brief community message slot, mostly at the end of the show, telling kids various kinds of stuff, such as not to simply talk or follow strangers; not to litter everywhere etc.
              Those were the shows that meant used to really meant something.
              Captain Planet was one such show. As the show was environmentally-themed, the show taught kids on the dangers of pollutions, as well as how to protect and preserve Mother Nature.

The Action Figure: 
              This Captain Planet figure in review today used to belong a cousin of mine. It is the 1991 release Flying Captain Planet, when the show was still produced by Turner Program Services and DiC Entertainment, by Tiger Electronics Inc.

               It was back in mid-90's, after my cousin had his fair share of fun with Captain Planet and decided to relegate him to the trash cans that I finally got hold of him. By the time of course, the box was gone, as well as the ring.
              It was loose, but I was content enough to be able to play with it, since I couldn't afford it in the first place, and I've kept him ever since.

              Back then, there weren't so much demand for great articulations. The only requirement was to have a figure that was clearly identifiable with the actual character of the show. In that sense, this Captain Planet achieves that. Anyways, apart from the hips and head articulations, that was it.
              There is a dial at the back of the chest, where once pushed, both arms will flung forward into a flying position.

               There is also another contraption, slightly below the aforementioned dial, which is the key feature of this figure. It is literally a piece of plastic, tied to a set of strings, which in turn is tied to some sort of a spring-loaded mechanism within the body. You could literally put your fingers through the strings and take Captain Planet out for a fly or two.
               Yes, I have to admit, it wasn't one of the most stellar gimmicks, even for early 90's standards, but the sentimental value is there.
               This is definitely a great piece from the early 90's, and I am glad that I have it in my collection.


  1. with all its sentimental value I think it is definitely a great piece too :-) blessed day on your side of Earth bro :D