Transformers Review: Grimlock (Classic Deluxe)

            When asked, who your most favorite Dinobot is, 9 out of 10 I reckoned would nominate Grimlock. Who wouldn’t? In the animated series, Grimlock is arguably the most powerful individual Transformers, which some point, he even defeated both Optimus and Megatron.
            Classic Grimlock is literally my first ever Grimlock figure, which would eventually be followed by the Masterpiece version. When Hasbro first announced that they were going to release Grimlock in the now-defunct Classics line, I knew that I just had to get this guy.
            Still, just how good exactly this figure really is? Read on…

Alternate Mode:
            Now puhlease tell me that you don’t need me to tell that Grimlock transform into a Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex, with a weapon attached to its back.
            The figure itself is quite neat really. The mouth can open quite big. The two tiny arms are on ball-joints, although the movements are quite limited. There is also a waist movement. The hips rotate and swings outward and there are also knee articulations. The tail itself has 4 articulation points – how cool is that?
            This version of T-Rex is more scientifically-collect, meaning that it does stand upright, rather more horizontally-inclined, thus differ slightly with its original G1 depiction. 
From left: Classic Grimlock and Masterpiece Grimlock
            Still, I kinda dig this mode.

Robot Mode:
            With the signature grey and gold all over the body, the robot mode is unmistakably Grimlock. The head sculpt itself is a dead-ringer to its original G1 counterpart. 
            It this mode, the T-Rex’s feet now become the robot’s arms, while the whole head assembly becomes the robot’s legs. One funny thing about the robot’s arms is that despite the long upper arms, the lower arms themselves are quite abnormally small, which makes Grimlock looks kinda awkward. 
            The T-Rex’s tail is now detached and can be wielded by Grimlock as some sort of a whip-like weapon, along with his blaster blade.
            Articulation-wise: the head rotates 360°; the shoulders rotate and swing outward; the elbows bend; the hips are on ball joints; the knees bend and the ankles tilt downward and back up.
            As good as this robot mode looks; it’s far from the perfect. I kinda feel that there should’ve been some way for the arms to lock in onto the main body. The ball-jointed hips are a bit too loose for my liking and Grimlock tends to do split when poses are attempted.
            Anyways, all things considered, it’s a good looking robot mode.

            It is definitely a must have for fans of Grimlock and it’s a really decent update of the G1 character. It’s ashamed really that HasTak never followed up with the other four Dinobots.
            Highly recommended.

            Final verdict: 8/10.

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