Transformers Review – Victory Saber (Kabaya)

Bonus Mode:
            Yep… yesiree… just like God Bomber and Super Ginrai in Wave 3, Victory Leo too can combine… with Star Saber from Wave 1. If you think about it, it’s kinda odd that both sets weren’t released in the same wave.
            Compared side-by-side with Star Saber, Victory Leo looks extremely diminutive. Then again, based on their combination process, I guess that would be the realistic size scale.
            Although I always enjoy different individual figures being able to combine with a certain partner such as: the Movie Optimus Prime and Jetfire; the Cybertron/ Galaxy Force Optimus Prime/ Galaxy Convoy and Sonic Bomber or Liger Convoy; Super Ginrai and God Bomber; Armada Optimus Prime and Jetfire; Energon/ Superlink Optimus Prime/ Grand Convoy and Wing Saber; most of any Autobots in Energon/ Superlink; and of course Star Saber and Victory Leo, the resulting combination mode of these 2 figureheads is less than stellar. 
            It’s a bit downgrading and Victory Leo only serves as a backpack and a pair of boots-of-sorts to Star Saber. No wonder Star Saber initially refused Ginrai to proceed with the process.
            However, since this was how it was depicted in the show, I guess we just have to accept it, don’t we?
            Just for the record, as a result of the combination, there are no resulting extra or lesser articulations to the Star Saber figure. Also, since I didn’t split up my Kabaya boxes in order to read the instructions, as far I could see, there are no instructions given on how to proceed with the combination process. It may be a bit complicated and tricky at first, but the process really is intuitive.
            The combination may be a but lame, but still it's a really good bonus for these sets and I do strongly recommend both of these sets to any fans.

            Final verdict: 8.5/10


  1. you can also combine them both in the jet modes like in the show and the original toy. not as nice looking as the original, but it's still awesome.

    1. Yeah, I tried that already, but the resulting combination looks horrible, as if it was a forced combination, hence I didn't put the photos in... might as well just ignore its existence... heheh....