WWE Review - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt

Hey there fellow Cybertronians,

Today's review is going to be a bit different. Rather than reviewing a particular Transformers figure, I will be reviewing a non-Transformers item. This is not exactly the first time that this has happened -- I did a review on Voltron before, and he ain't a Transformer. Another thing is that today's item doesn't transform at all, it is rather a normal toy that can also be double-up as a stage play props/ costume/ accessories, if the need arises.

For some of you out there, who knows me personally, you know I love Wrestling. I've started watching since I was very young, back when people like Ricky Steamboat, Jake "The Snake" Roberts & Rowdy Roddy Piper used to rule the squared circle. So when I found out that toy replicas of various Championship titles were released, I knew instinctively that I had to get at least one, and that belt wouldn't be just any belt. A friend of mine bought the ECW Title belt years ago, and I got to admit, it is probably one of the most distinctively good looking belt ever. Then some time last year, I saw at a mall downtown and they were selling various different WWE Championship belts, i.e. the Tag Team titles, some other titles and also the spinner-type WWE Heavyweight Championship title belt made famous by the CEO of CENATION -- John Cena. I was tempted in getting that spinner title, but I eventually didn't because that wasn't the belt that I really wanted.

You see, although I've started watching wrestling at an early age, literally growing up watching it, I didn't start to appreciate the art until the advent of the Monday Night Wars. I have to admit, WWE fans please forgive me, but I was one of those guys who supported WCW. Back then, they were simply the better brand, with the better show and quality. The episodes of Nitro shown on TVs on our shores were delayed broadcast of almost several weeks, and we didn't get to watch any pay-per-views. So without the advancement of the Internet back then, I had to resort to renting videos in order to watch my all time favorite wrestler -- Sting in action. Anyways, to cut the story short, I was attracted to the iconic and legendary world title -- the World Heavyweight Championship belt, also fondly known as the Big Gold Belt.

The Big Gold Belt was unique in the sense that it was recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), has been in use since 1985 and have historically been used in several different promotions, thus the only Championship belt in history not to be branded with any promotions logo, until WWE decided to put their brand on it for trademark reasons.
So when the opportunity presented itself to get a replica of this belt, even though as a toy, I just couldn't let it past.
Now despite being made of hard plastic, the paint applications and the detailing on this belt are fantastic. Shiny gold in color, it really brings back my childhood memories watching those wrestling shows. Compared to its equivalent titles -- WWE Heavyweight Champion title and the ECW Title, the Big Gold Belt probably has the most simple of designs. Still, bearing the illustriousness of its history, I would still rank it as the better belt.
The Legendary and Iconic Big Gold Belt
As I mentioned earlier, this is just a toy and not a real replica, so no fuss about the lack of heft in weight or even lack of detailing on the "leather" strap. The "leather" strap are made from PVC plastic, and uses the normal bag strap to strap around the waist. However, having said that, it looks realistic enough to be taken as a prop for stage play.
Place it on your neck like Big Show normally does
Of course, apart from displaying this piece on the shelf, you can also use it for cosplay purposes. There are of course many ways to utilize this belt, by either strapping it to your waist, wear it around your neck like The Big Show always does, or just hang it on your shoulders, as depicted in the photos.
Strap it on the Waist
Pose Intimidatingly
I really like this belt, and I just hope that another friend of mine would actually be tempted to buy the WWE title, and if he does, I'd probably post a photo of all 3 "champions" side-by-side.

So, WWE Fans & fellow Cybertronians, pray hard and let's hope that this would eventually happen.


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  1. Sweeeet. The last picture with your sunglasses reminds you of Sgt. Slaughter. Just with the hat will definitely make you 100% lookalike.