Transformers Review: Scorponok (Energon Ultra-Class)

            Throughout the years, the original G1 Scorponok has been one of the many figures that still elude me to this very day. Back then, he was depicted as a humongous robot and is a sparring rival to the equally massive Fortress Maximus.  Although this wasn’t depicted in the action figure – Fortress was way bigger – Scorponok have held the record as being the second largest Transformers ever made in the past.
            A variation/ successor-of-sorts of the G1 Scorponok would later continue to appear in the subsequent Japanese G1-themed series, i.e. Masterforce, Headmasters, Victory & Zone, in which he was known as Zarak/ Black Zarak. The name Scorponok, although a totally new character, would eventually return in the Beast Wars series as the second in command of the Predacon troops, who would later be succeeded by Inferno as he would meet his end at the end of Beast Wars Season 2.
            After that, the iconic name would undergo several years of dormancy until his return in the series Energon/Superlink as the initial servant of Alpha Q and leader of the Terrorcons, later turned to a Megatron loyalist. The character had a very unique and interesting portrayal in the show, which appealed to me a lot. So I was naturally ecstatic that I managed to grab this baby back in 2005, and he is the first Triple Changer that I have ever owned. So without further, let’s get down with the goodies.

Alternate Mode (Scorpion-themed Construction Vehicle):
           Scorponok first alternate mode isn’t exactly a scorpion – he’s rather a Scorpion-themed Construction Vehicle, if you could call him that. I mean he has a tail of a scorpion; pincers and claws like a scorpion should have, but he also got tank threads and scoops for claws. So, I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna call him a Construction Vehicle – HAHAH!!!
            Anyways, I really like the minute details in terms of designs and also the paint applications. This is one of the instances where I think Hasbro has done a better job than Takara (nope, it ain’t Takara-Tomy yet). I really like the idea of having worn-out effects on all of his scoops and shovels. You can clearly see a lot of oil-stain marking all over the scoop and the tail, which is really a pleasure to see.
            In terms of articulations: each pincer move up and down; the shoulders swing and rotate on a set of ratcheting joints; tight elbows connections; the shovels/ claws open and close; the base of the tail swings on a ratcheting joint; 2 point articulation at mid-tail and lastly, a stinger/ hook that swings. 
            Weapon-wise; he has a mounted a couple of blasters on each sides of the legs; a blaster on each side of the body’s cockpit; and also a pair of blades of sorts near the claws, and they too open and close.      
            Being from the Energon line, Scorponok has a port where you can mount the Energon star on his right elbow (left claw in robot mode); and also Minicon ports on his left elbow and tail’s cockpit. 
            As perfect as this figure may sound, this mode has one major drawback – the legs, which forms the vehicle’s threads doesn’t lock in anywhere, and since the rotating leg joints have the loosest connection on the figure, it really doesn’t bode that well.
            But believe it or not, we are not done yet in this mode since the figure still holds a surprise for us…

Alternate Mode (Scorpion-themed Construction Vehicle – Hyper Mode):
            The Hyper Mode is the main gimmick for the Energon/ Superlink line for the Decepticons. It was a kind of powered-up mode that the Cons would use to counter the Autobots’ Superlink gimmick – the ability for a single Autobot to combine with another. 
            To go to this mode, you just merely extend the claws to reveal a larger claw gap, which reveal a pair of projectile missiles; and also push the tail’s cockpit backward to arm a pair of tail blasters.
            This mode looks definitely menacing and if you were a lone wandering Autobot, you’d probably pee in your pants at the mere sight of him… although you don’t really wear pants, or that you would have any pen… anyways, you get my point.

Alternate Mode (Jet):
            The jet mode is just massive. From tip to tip, Scorponok’s jet mode actually measures about 13-inches (!), 9-inches across, and that’s massive!!! There are also 7-wheels in total underneath that jet – each able to roll quite freely, which are able to support the massiveness of this mode.
            Again, the colors are absolutely amazing; with the Energon/ Superlink line having the penchant of futuristic alternate modes, you can literally throw the idea of disguise down the drains of Polinex. 
            Transforming to this mode is relatively simple, but by no means that easy, especially the joint where you would need to slide to the sides of the jets, which are tremendously tight. There are also a pair of really thin plastic panels on top of those joints, and if you are not careful, you are probably going to snap them in half, which I have unfortunately done so with mind. While they may not affect the transformations to any other of his modes or not be that obvious, it still pains me to know that they are broken.
            Also, the same issue about the robot legs failing to lock in anywhere still plagues in this mode as well. Now, the tank threads acts as a pair of tail wings with jet turbines, and they can be a bit wobbly. 
            Anyways, this is an amazing mode nonetheless.
Alternate Mode (Jet – Hyper Mode):
            The Hyper Mode is quite simple – you just merely repeat the previous methods of pushing back the cockpit backward to reveal the guns, and also extend the claws to widen the wings. 
            I personally do not prefer to extend the claws as they would result in the darn jet to look kinda funny. Normally I would just be content with the front guns fully armed. 

Robot Mode:
            This is obviously the icing on the cake. The robot mode has numerous throwbacks to his original G1-namesake – the clawed hands; horned head with visor; and the stinger swinging over the head – this robot mode looks wicked!!!
            He looks really deadly and is armed with a pair of arm blades. 
            Articulation-wise: the head rotates 360° with his visor opens and closes; the tails swings up and down at two points; upper shoulders move up and down, while the actual shoulders are on ratcheting universal joints; the elbows bend and the claws and “thumb” open and close; the hips rotate on a pair of ratcheting joints and they also provide very limited inward/outward motions; the legs rotate slightly above the ratcheting knees joints; and finally the front feet pieces move up and down.
Visor Down
            Due to the sheer bulkiness and size of this guy, his movements can be a bit limited, but you are still able to get quite decent poses with this guy. 
Visor Up
            This mode looks absolutely awesome and if you think that was cool, then you just gotta get a load of this…

Robot Mode (Hyper Mode):
            By fully extending the length of the hands and claw, and revealing the guns on the tail, Scorponok proves to everyone that he is not only limited to melee tactics, but also armed to the teeth!
            The extra weapons really made a lot of differences on this figures and there was no wonder that Megatron really wanted to keep an eye on this guy – who wouldn’t?

            I am really pleased with my acquisition some 7-years ago, and back then, when my collection consisted of mainly knockoffs of all sorts, he was one of the very few originals in the lineup – he was the second ever actually, with the first being Alternators Windcharger.
            Fast forward 7-years after, I still find this particular figure appealing –an awesome figure that is surely a must-have if you are a fan of the Energon/ Superlink line. If you’re a fan of the character Scorponok, then this is a must-have to you too, and is a worthy successor to carry the essence of his original G1 namesake rather that that bumbling Beast Wars incarnation.

            Final verdict: 9.5/10. 

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